Dr. Peter Monacell Associate Professor - Language and Communication Studies Department

B.A., The University of Virginia; M.A., The University of Missouri-Columbia; Ph.D., The University of Missouri

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Dr. Pete Monacell holds a PhD in American Literature with an emphasis in contemporary poetry from the University of Missouri. He is the author of articles on that subject, as well as poems published most recently in The Iowa Review and Midwest Quarterly. Currently, Dr. Monacell also serves as the Director of General Education for the college.

Courses taught at Columbia College

  • First-year Writing Seminar (ENGL 133)
  • Introduction to Creative Writing (ENGL 207W)
  • Survey of American Literature I and II (ENGL 241W and 242W)
  • Literature and Ecological Balance (ENGL 267W)
  • Intermediate Creative Writing - Poetry (ENGL 315)
  • Major Literary Figures (ENGL 350)
  • Major Literary Periods (ENGL 370)
  • Literary Theory and Criticism (ENGL 425)

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