Department of Humanities

The Department of Humanities at Columbia College provides foundational skills needed for work or advanced study. Students gain an understanding of events and thought processes that have shaped our world and society. Graduates work in education, government, law and policy.


Programs we offer

In addition to academic programs, we offer honor societies and organizations for history, philosophy and political science majors.

Bachelor's degrees

Choose a degree that prepares you to change the world.

Other programs

Work with your advisor to consider other programs as you earn a degree.


Gain an edge in the workforce by taking a few more classes to add a minor to your degree.


Get to know the department better

Criminal Justice program prepares those who plan to protect and serve

"We’re able to teach some more specialized courses. We offer classes in crime scene investigation: forensic pathology, crime scene photography, shooting incident reconstruction. A lot of criminal justice departments are more general than that."
— Barry Langford, Associate Professor of Criminal Justice Administration, Columbia College Main Campus in Columbia, MO

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