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Crime Scene Investigation Certificate

Students desiring a concentration in the identification, documentation and preservation of evidence at crime scenes may pursue a Certificate in Crime Scene Investigation as part of their academic plan. The CSI certificate will appear on the student's academic transcript and provide evidence that the student has satisfied academic requirements for departmentally recognized courses in the area. The CSI certificate consists of successful completion of 18 semester hours of designated coursework. The student must successfully complete 9-15 of these semester hours at Columbia College. To qualify for the awarding of the certificate, each Columbia College course that comprises the certificate must be completed with a minimum grade of 'C.' A certificate in Crime Scene Investigation (CSI) is available to students completing a Columbia College degree or those with an associate's or bachelor's degree from another regionally accredited school.


History, Philosophy, Political Science and Criminal Justice Department

Degree requirements

The Columbia College Catalog outlines the courses you will need to take to complete your degree program. This includes required courses in your major and general education requirements, as well as elective classes you will select.

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The Crime Scene Investigation Certificate degree is available online and is approved at the following locations. Some locations may require a combination of in-seat and online coursework. Select one to view the tuition rate.

Please note this degree program may not be able to be completed fully in-seat. A combination of in-seat and online coursework may be required.


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