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Bachelor of Arts in Political Science

The Bachelor of Arts in Political Science offers students the opportunity to examine government from theoretical and practical perspectives. As a discipline, Political Science is concerned with theoretical issues such as democracy, justice and equality, and also with such practical issues as the constitutional structure of governments and the relations between branches and levels of government. Political Science also cultivates an understanding of governmental systems in other areas of the world, the manner in which nations interact, and various modes of citizen participation. Students are exposed to these concepts in the classroom and by enrolling in governmentally related internships. Other learning experiences are also available, including participation in the Columbia College Mock Trial Team and Model United Nations Team. A degree in Political Science can lead to careers in government, international affairs, journalism, politics, public relations, graduate study in law, public administration, political science and other academic fields.


History, Philosophy and Political Science Department

Degree requirements

General Education Requirements 38-41 sem. hrs

  • Ethics Course Requirement 3 hrs
  • PHIL 330 Ethics 3 hrs

Foreign Language Requirement 6 sem. hrs

Multicultural Requirement 3 sem. hrs

  • (Courses from this list are noted in the major requirements below with an asterisk.)

Political Science Core Requirements 18 sem. hrs

  • (All courses must be completed with a grade of C or higher. Courses in the major cannot be taken as Pass/Fail.)
  • POSC 111 American National Government 3 hrs
  • POSC 292 International Relations* 3 hrs
  • POSC 395 (PADM 395) Political Science and Public Administration Research Methods 3 hrs
  • POSC 402 (PHIL 402) Classical Political Philosophy 3 hrs
  • POSC 403 (PHIL 403) Modern Political Philosophy 3 hrs
  • POSC 495 (PADM 495) Independent Study in Political Science and Public Administration 3 hrs

Political Science Electives 30 sem. hrs

  • Any course with the POSC prefix at the 200-level or higher may be used to fulfill major electives. However, students must take a minimum of twelve hours from each of the following two tracks. A maximum of six hours may be taken as POSC 399 Internship.
  • EMPHASIS A: American Politics
  • POSC 215 State and Local Government 3 hrs
  • POSC 280 (AMST 280) American Political and Social Thought 3 hrs
  • POSC 311 (MGMT/PADM 311) Public Administration and Policy 3 hrs
  • POSC 315 (PADM 315) American Public Policy 3 hrs
  • POSC 330 Media and Politics 3 hrs
  • POSC 332 The American Presidency 3 hrs
  • POSC 340 Judicial Process 3 hrs
  • POSC 350 Legislative Process 3 hrs
  • POSC 361 American Political Parties 3 hrs
  • POSC 440 Constitutional Law 3 hrs
  • EMPHASIS B: International Studies
  • POSC 317 Politics of Russia and Eurasia* 3 hrs
  • POSC 321 Politics of Developing Nations* 3 hrs
  • POSC 326 International Law and Organizations 3 hrs
  • POSC 331 European Politics* 3 hrs
  • POSC 353 Asian Politics* 3 hrs
  • POSC 360 U.S. Foreign Policy 3 hrs

Other Electives 22-25 sem. hrs

  • 120 sem. hrs
  • Students are encouraged to use elective credits to obtain a minor in a related academic field.

POSC/PADM 495 is the culminating experience course for all students receiving the Bachelor of Arts in Political Science.


The Bachelor of Arts in Political Science degree is available online and is approved at the following locations. Some locations may require a combination of in-seat and online coursework. Select one to view the tuition rate.


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