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Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration

The Business Administration program serves students from a variety of backgrounds. Members of the faculty employ a variety of instructional techniques and resources aimed at meeting the needs of student clientele. Emphasis is on advising students in course work appropriate to their interests and academic progress.

Students may earn a Bachelor of Arts or a Bachelor of Science degree with majors in accounting, business administration, entrepreneurship, finance, healthcare management, human resource management, international business, management, marketing, public relations and advertising, or sports management.

A principle focus of the program is to prepare students for entry-level positions and for advancement in various occupations and professions. Faculty prepare students to pursue the study of business at the graduate level or to obtain professional placement in their chosen fields. The faculty of the Business Administration Department encourage wide and varied preparation in the liberal arts and sciences to provide students with an appreciation for the social and cultural environment in which business is transacted.

All students must complete a minimum of 120 semester hours, 39 of which are 300- and 400 - level. Students must complete a prescribed Professional Core and the general education requirements. A maximum of 27 semester hours of the requirements for the BA and a maximum of 48 semester hours of the requirements for the BS may be met through courses transferred.

All students must take part in a culminating evaluation of the core-course outcomes during their last 30 hours prior to graduation. Completion of MGMT 479 - Strategic Management 3 hours with a C or higher satisfies this culminating requirement for all business majors.


Business Administration Department

Degree requirements

General Education Requirements 38-41 sem. hrs

  • MGMT 368 Business Ethics 3 hours (this option also fulfills core requirement) or
  • PHIL 330 Ethics 3 hours

Foreign Language/Culture Course requirement 6 sem. hrs

  • Students at the traditional campus seeking a Bachelor of Arts degree must successfully complete six semester hours of a single foreign language. Students taking classes online or at a venue nationwide (including evening in Columbia, MO) may meet this requirement by successfully completing six semester hours of a single foreign language or six semester hours of Culture and Society coursework.

Multicultural Requirement 3 sem. hrs

  • Courses from this list are noted in the major requirements below with an asterisk.

Core Requirements 51 sem. hrs

  • All courses must be completed with a grade C or higher. Courses in the major cannot be taken as Pass/Fail.
  • MGMT 150 Introduction to Business 3 hrs
  • ACCT 280 Accounting I 3 hrs
  • ACCT 281 Accounting II 3 hrs
  • ECON 293 Macroeconomics* 3 hrs
  • ECON 294 Microeconomics 3 hrs
  • FINC 298 Personal Financial Planning 3 hrs
  • FINC 350 Business Finance 3 hrs
  • MATH 250 Statistics I 3 hours or
  • BIOL/PSYC/SOCI 324 Statistics for the Behavioral and Natural Sciences 3 hrs
  • MGMT 254 Business Communication 3 hrs
  • MGMT 265 Business Law I 3 hrs
  • MGMT 330 Principles of Management 3 hrs
  • MGMT 338 International Business* 3 hrs
  • MGMT 368 Business Ethics 3 hrs
  • MGMT 393 Business Information Systems 3 hrs
  • MGMT 430 Management Science 3 hrs
  • MGMT 479 Strategic Management 3 hrs
  • MKTG 310 Principles of Marketing 3 hrs

Additional Electives 18 sem. hrs

Electives 1-4 sem. hrs

  • Total Semester Hours: 120 sem. hrs



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