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Non-Degree Seeking students

The Non-Degree Seeking status is designed for part-time students who do not seek an academic degree at Columbia College. Non-degree students are not eligible for scholarships or federal financial aid, and typically only take one or two classes while they earn their degree at another college or university.

Application Steps:

  1. Complete the online application for admission.

TIP: If you want to take an Online class, select the Online program as your desired location.

  1. Authenticate your identity. Learn more about authentication.
  2. Submit unofficial transcripts, if applicable*

We recommend that you visit our Course Schedules to check your desired course availability. Please keep in mind that the course offerings/availability will vary based on the location.

*Applicants should check our Course Catalog to check if their desired course requires a prerequisite. If a prerequisite is required, email the name of the desired course and a PDF of unofficial transcripts requesting a “prerequisite confirmation.” Questions about prerequisite coursework or transcripts should be directed to or 573-875-7352.

Enrollment as a Non-Degree Seeking student neither guarantees automatic admission to degree seeking status nor does it necessarily impact an admission decision. Non-Degree Seeking students at the Traditional Campus must earn a minimum 2.0 grade point average and must reapply each semester.

Non-Degree Seeking students who enroll in twelve or more hours at the Traditional Campus are considered full-time students. Enrolling as a Non-Degree Seeking student does not negate the residence hall requirement.


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