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Leadership Studies Minor


Minor Requirements

Eighteen hours of coursework to include the following:

A. Required Courses (3-6 hrs)

LEAD 200 Introduction to Leadership Concepts 3 hrs
(Students in ROTC may substitute MSCI 1120/MSCI 2200 or ASCI 3100)
LEAD 499 Applied Leadership Internship 3 hrs
(Students completing any major may earn credit from an internship that
involves applied leadership and is approved by the History and Political
Science Department. In addition, earned credit from ELI, Mock Trial, Model
UN, or appropriate MSCI, ASCI or NSCI experiences is acceptable.)

B. Electives (12-15 hrs)

(Students must complete at least one course from four different disciplines
among the courses listed below.)
CJAD 451 Management of Criminal Justice Agencies 3 hrs
COMM 303 Intercultural Communication 3 hrs
COMM 313 Interpersonal Communication 3 hrs
COMM 323 Argumentation and Debate 3 hrs
COMM 393 Organizational Communication 3 hrs
HIST 370 American Military History 3 hrs
HIST/MGMT 371 History of American Business 3 hrs
HUMS 335 Working with Groups 3 hrs
HUMS 345 Working with Communities and Organizations 3 hrs
MGMT 330 Principles of Management 3 hrs
MGMT 339 Cross-Cultural Management 3 hrs
MGMT 362 Organizational Behavior 3 hrs
PHIL 330 Ethics 3 hrs
POSC 332 The American Presidency 3 hrs
POSC 361 American Political Parties 3 hrs
POSC/PHIL 402 Classical Political Philosophy 3 hrs
POSC/PHIL 403 Modern Political Philosophy 3 hrs
PSYC 336 Industrial, Organizational Psychology 3 hrs
PSYC/SOCI 360 Social Psychology 3 hrs
SOCI 312 Organizations and Institutions 3 hrs
SOCI 421 Class, Status, and Power 3 hrs


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