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 December 2012

New Science Website

New Science Website

Learn more about the Science Department at

The new science website is now live and works on any mobile device, including tablets. The pages, which took about four months to develop, are the first responsive pages created on the school’s website. When a website uses responsive methodology, the elements on a page resize and reorder to fit any size browser window).

“I feel the product we’ve created here is fantastic, and will serve as a road map for the remainder of the institution to follow,” says Ellis Benus, web content analyst and member of the BOOGIE (Be Outstanding Or Get Involved Elsewhere) team. “Thank you to all the BOOGIE team for their input and insight!”

The BOOGIE team was comprised of representatives from nearly every area of the college. The template developed by the group will eventually be used by all academic department websites.
Additionally, Columbia College used Quick Response (QR) codes in conjunction with the new site. The codes, printed on paper handouts, directed students to the Responsive pages.