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 November 2012

SAAC Corner

SAAC Corner

News from the Staff Association Advisory Council.

The PAWS (Pride, Attitude, Willingness, Service) program recognizes employees who go above and beyond in their job duties. Nominated employees receive a coin which they can then redeem for the following prizes:

  • One coin, which is worth a meal ticket to Dulany, or a fast-food restaurant gift certificate
  • Three coins, worth a T-shirt
  • Six coins, a half vacation day

To nominate an employee, download the PAWS form, or ask your SAAC representative for a copy.

PAWS Awards Recipients (October): Duong Pham, Stephanie Mallory, Beth Hastings, Doug Baker, Sara McGerald, Veronica Gielazauskas, Leanne Casey, Erin McConachie, Beth Donaldson, Alesia Poindexter, Rebbeca Baker, Christine Chirko, Andrew Keopke, Allyson Presley, Tamra Ellermeier, Millie Nelson, Christina Wiggin, Melissa Walther, Brandy Roddy, Stacey Bybee, Marlyn Minor, Anthony Catt, Seth Ware, Debra Draffen

Open meeting for all staff takes place Wednesday Nov. 7, Lee Room, 2 to 3:30 p.m.