Campus Safety

We take seriously our commitment to making sure our college is a safe, secure place to live and learn.

We have consistently been recognized as one of the safest, most secure campuses in the country.

Campus Safety officers make sure the environment promotes a respectful and educational atmosphere for everyone on campus. 

We provide around-the-clock safety and security services at our main campus in Columbia, Missouri. Safety officers are on patrol on foot and in vehicles all day, every day to deter crime. 

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    Contact us to report incidents or for assistance.

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    Emergency procedures

    Know what to do in the case of a fire, earthquake or other emergency.

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    Personal emergency plan

    Develop a personal and family plan to handle emergency situations.

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    Building evacuation

    Know what to do if officials evacuate your building.

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    Prevention efforts can reduce criminal activities.

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    Crime reporting

    Report criminal or suspicious activities to appropriate personnel.

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    Sex-offender registry

    Obtain sex-offender registry information in your area.

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    Columbia medical facilities

    Get a list of hospitals and clinics near the Columbia, MO campus.

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Student right-to-know and Campus Security Act (Public Law 101-542)

The student Right-To-Know and Campus Security Act requires colleges to collect specific information about crimes and security on campus and to publish and distribute three years of data in an Annual Security Report to current and prospective students/employees.