Tuition Frequently asked questions

The rates per credit hour are:

  • Undergraduate: $375
  • Military undergraduate: $250
  • Graduate: $490
  • Military graduate: $325

Columbia College eliminated all fees. No application fees, no technology fees, no proctoring fees, no graduation fees, no lab fees, no fees per class.

Not only will book costs be covered, but all other required materials such as lab kits and access codes are also included.

Most courses use eTexts. With eTexts, your professor can provide study tips, highlight important material within the text and add personal notes to any key section. eTexts also have a read-aloud feature so you can listen to book content when you’re on the go. And you can download and access your books on your phone or tablet.

If you would like a paper copy of your textbook, you may purchase it from the VitalSource Bookshelf app for eligible textbooks after the enrollment Add/Drop period of the session has closed. Paying to print a book is entirely up to you.

In a handful of scenarios, students may have to pay third-party vendors for services. For instance, providers such as Parchment (transcript printing) and CLEP/DSST (outside testing services for academic credit) will continue to charge for services.

These are not costs that Columbia College controls. We are not directly involved in these transactions, and we receive no financial benefit from them.

eTexts will usually be available several days before classes start, but no later than the first day of class.

Yes, however very few students do so.

There’s no catch. Columbia College has been a not-for-profit provider of higher education since 1851. It’s our mission to improve lives by making college affordable to all. That’s the truth.