Collage of girls at girls who game summer camp

Girls Who Game

Gamers will have the opportunity to play video games and explore eSports in a supportive environment.

This camp is ideal for middle or high school students who love playing video games. Any students interested in learning more about competitive eSports and/or game design should attend! Campers will have the opportunity to:

  • Build meaningful relationships with other gamers.
  • Train alongside nationally-ranked eSports coaches and players.
  • Enhance communication, teamwork, and other targeted gaming skills.
  • Interact with professionals in the gaming industry.
  • Design games using skills and programs specific to gaming industry careers.
  • Create custom game assets such as sprites, background art, animations, sound effects, soundtracks, and branching narratives.

No prior experience with any particular game is required. Once acceptance decisions have been made, an email will be sent to each camper with additional information. Confirmation documents will be mailed out closer to the start of the camp.

Our week-long, in-person camp is back and we have a ton of new content to share with you all! New software, new games, and new speakers as well! See what else is in store for camp registrants.

Game design

Level Design Workshop

We'll introduce a game design engine that is new to the Girls Who Game list of software. This engine is ideal for quickly creating game prototypes, yet still follows a logic structure similar to larger game engines, such as Unity or Unreal. This workshop will cover the code and level design concepts needed to create a functional 2D game.

Writer's Workshop

In this workshop, we'll introduce an interactive fiction engine that is new to the Girls Who Game list of software. Interactive fiction games are "choose your own adventure" stories. We will delve into the creative writing aspects of game design, including plot and character development, setting the scene, creating conflict, and interweaving the game story with game mechanics.

Artist's Workshop

This workshop will focus on the basic techniques for using pixel art to create sprites, tilemaps, and other visual assets for games.  We will also explore more advanced techniques for bringing those assets to life through animation. The artwork created during this workshop can be used as in-game assets, concept art, or "box art" that would be used for a game's website.

Musician's Workshop

We will explore how to use looping, chord progressions, layering, and a handful of other techniques to create soundtracks for games. Compositions will be exported in a game-friendly format, and can be used in the games we create in the Level Design and Writer's Workshops.

And more...

We'll also talk about how to utilize art, animations, music and sound effect assets already available in online repositories, and how to provide proper attributions for incorporating content created by others.


This summer, our competitive gaming content will include both League of Legends and Rocket League. Squad up in groups of 3 or 5 and experience what it's like to train as a competitive Esports team under the guidance of our CC Cougars Esports coaches and players. No prior experience with either game is required. We do recommend setting up your own player account(s) and playing through the tutorials before camp start. 

Special opportunity for serious gamers

Are you interested in joining your school Esports team, and taking your game-play to the next level? Eligible campers (those who are entering freshmen year or above) will have the opportunity to replace some or all of the game design content with additional Esports content. Some of our own Cougar Esports players will be available to provide one-on-one coaching. Campers who take advantage of this opportunity will work with our players to set individual goals and develop a personalized training plan for reaching those goals. 

Rounding out the experience

In addition to game design and Esports, we will devote time to team-building activities and physical wellness (after all, breaks from screen time are important!). We'll also hear from industry experts in both the game design and Esports fields.   

An event information packet will be emailed to registered participants closer to the event.

Note: Current COVID protocols dictate that masks are recommended, but not required. This may change, dependent on city mandates.

Questions? Contact the Dr. Lindsay Zeiter at

Girls Who Game mission

The Columbia College Girls Who Game program invites middle and high school students with a passion for gaming to engage in cooperative and competitive play while learning about career opportunities in the gaming industry. We aim to grow a safe, supportive community that empowers girls to embrace their passion for gaming, establish a pipeline for girls in competitive Esports, ignite girls’ interest in STEAM careers, and increase awareness of the need for women in STEAM careers.