Army Transfer Credit

We follow American Council on Education (ACE) credit recommendations for all evaluated Army courses and occupations.

Columbia College requires the Joint Services Transcript (JST) for credit evaluation. The JST allows enlisted service members who advance up to and beyond officer status to continue to benefit from updated transcripts. 

Other military documents may be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. However, the JST is the only guaranteed transcript for evaluation. 

Military Occupational Specialty Mapping

Field Artillery Military Police Ordnance Corps

  • MOS 13B Cannon Crewmember (21-33 credits earned)
  • MOS 13D Field Artillery Automated Tactical Data Systems Specialist (21-33 credits earned)
  • MOS 13F Fire Support Specialist (21-33 credits earned)
  • MOS 13J Field Artillery Fire Control Specialist (18-33 credits earned)
  • MOS 13M Multiple Launch Rocket System Crewmember (21-33 credits earned)
  • MOS 13P Multiple Launch Rocket System Operations/Fire Direction Specialist (21-33 credits earned)
  • MOS 13R Field Artillery Firefinder Radar Operator (21-33 credits earned)
  • MOS 13T Field Artillery Survey/Meteorological Crewmember (15-27 credits earned)
  • MOS 13Z Field Artillery Senior Sergeant (21 credits earned)
  • MOS 31B Military Police (12-24 credits earned)
  • MOS 31D CID Special Agent (18-30 credits earned)
  • MOS 31E Corrections and Detention Specialist (12-21 credits earned)
  • MOS 31K Military Working Dog Handler (15-24 credits earned)

CMF 89 Ammunition

  • MOS 89B Ammunition Specialist
  • MOS 89D Explosive Ordnance Disposal Specialist

CMF 91 – Mechanical Maintenance

  • MOS 91A M1 Abram Tank System Maintainer
  • MOS 91B Wheeled Vehicle Mechanic
  • MOS 91C Utilities Equipment Repairer
  • MOS 91D Tactical Power Generation Specialist
  • MOS 91E Allied Trades Specialist
  • MOS 91F Small Arms/Towed Artillery Repairer
  • MOS 91H Track Vehicle Repairer
  • MOS 91M Bradley Fighting Vehicle Maintainer
  • MOS 91P Self-propelled Artillery System Mechanic
  • MOS 91S Stryker Systems Maintainer
  • MOS 91X Maintenance Supervisor
  • MOS 91Z Senior Maintenance Supervisor

CMF 94 - Electronic Maintenance

  • MOS 94A Land Combat Electronic Missile System Repairer
  • MOS 94D Air Traffic Control Equipment Repairer
  • MOS 94E Radio & COMSEC Repairer
  • MOS 94F Computer Detection Systems Repairer
  • MOS 94H Test, Measurement and Diagnostic Support Specialist
  • MOS 94M Radar Repairer
  • MOS 94P Multiple Launch Rocket System Repairer
  • MOS 94S Patriot Missile System Repairer
  • MOS 94T Short Range Defense System Repairer
  • MOS 94W Electronic Maintenance Chief
  • MOS 94Z Senior Electronic Maintenance Chief

Warrant Officer

  • MOS 890A Ammunition
  • MOS 913A Armament Systems Maintenance
  • MOS 914A Allied Trades
  • MOS 915A Automotive Maintenance
  • MOS 915E Senior Ordnance Logistics
  • MOS 918D Electronics Missile Maintenance
  • MOS 919A Engineer Equipment Maintenance
  • MOS 948B Electronic Systems Maintenance (NO ACE RECOMMENDATIONS)
  • MOS 948D Missile Systems Maintenance
  • MOS 948E Senior Electronic Maintenance

Career NCO Degrees Program

The Career NCO Degrees Program is available to all NCOs at any point in their career but maximum credit for Army leadership schools is based on completion of the Non-commissioned Officer Educational Schools (NCEOS) through Sergeants Major Course. It includes management-related degrees listed in ArmyIgnitEd ’s fully developed degree maps.

We offer two degrees in this program:

  • Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration
  • Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
Learn about Bachelor of Business Administration degrees

Enlisted Education Program 

The Enlisted Education Program allows entry-level Soldiers in Combat Arms MOSs in Career Management Fields (CMFs) 11 Infantry, 13 Field Artillery, 14 Air Defense Artillery and 19 Armor to obtain an associate degree during their first term of enlistment. Program criteria require participating colleges to accept ACE recommended credit for military courses; provide AA, AS and AGS degrees; minimize academic residency requirements; maximize credit transfer between colleges; and provide assessment of prior learning/career experience.

Columbia College offers the Associate of General Studies for this program.