Receiving your I-20

The I-20 Certificate of Eligibility form will be sent to you after you have been admitted to Columbia College.

Once inside the U.S., this form is proof of your legal status.

To receive your I-20, provide the college an official original bank statement demonstrating your ability to pay the total cost of attendance for one academic year. Make sure financial statements are current or within six months of the start of the semester. If you have received a Columbia College scholarship, your total cost of attendance may be reduced by the awarded scholarship amount.

If you will not be funding your studies with personal funds, work with your financial sponsor to complete the I-134 Affidavit of Support.

In addition to the bank statement, new freshmen should provide a copy of their passport and the SEVIS Supplement form. Transfer students should provide a copy of their passport, visa, I-94, current I-20, SEVIS form and Transfer Authorization

Transferring your I-20 to Columbia College

If you previously studied at a U.S. high school or other college and are transferring to Columbia College, report to the International Center staff within 10 days of the beginning of your first semester. You will need to present a current I-20 issued from the previous institution, and evidence of full-time enrollment at the other school. This could be in the form of a transcript or letter from your former advisor.


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