Teacher Certification Program admissions requirements

Students may seek admission to the Teacher Certification Program after completing core courses.

Admission to the program

Official admission to the Teacher Certification Program is required for students seeking certification recommendation to the Missouri Department of Elementary & Secondary Education. Students should seek admission to the TCP after completing core courses.

The TCP packet of information will be reviewed in EDUC 300 (or EDUC 505). Once all items on the TCP Checklist have been completed, students must contact the Education office at their venue.

The TCP Checklist  shows all of the items required for official admission to the program. They include:

Alternative TCP application

As noted on the current TCP Checklist, the synthesis paper is now a TCP admission requirement. The synthesis paper project/activity is included in the EDUC 300 course for undergraduate students. The Alternative TCP Application was developed for students who meet one of the following conditions:

  • Student completed EDUC 300 prior to August 2014
  • Student completed the equivalent of EDUC 300 at another institution
  • Student is admitted to the MAT post-baccalaureate program and is not yet admitted to the Teacher Certification Program (TCP)