Columbia College policies

Columbia College believes that policies serve an integral role in supporting its institutional mission, values and vision, and in creating a culture of compliance College-wide for all members of the College community.

The Policy Library is intended to decrease risk and increase compliance and consistency across the College as well as to make College policies organized and easily accessible to students, faculty and staff so that all individuals are able to educate themselves regarding the College's policies, procedures, practices and processes. The policies set forth in the Policy Library are the current official versions of College policies and supersede and replace any other existing or conflicting policies covering the same subject matter.

To maintain an organized system and to ensure consistency throughout the College, individual web pages should not contain separate copies or versions of College policies or applicable procedures. Instead, individual web pages that reference College policies or applicable procedures should use hyperlinks to the web pages and/or documents located in the Policy Library.

Policies included here are applicable to the entire Columbia College community.

Policies included here are applicable to Columbia College students and in certain cases, those applying to be students.