Attendance Policy for Veterans Affairs Students


The purpose of this policy is to define attendance requirements for those students using veteran’s benefits and outline procedures for reporting violations of this policy.


This policy applies to all students using veterans’ benefits at Columbia College.  


Students using veterans’ benefits to attend Columbia College will have attendance monitored until the time the student drops, graduates, or completes the program. Unsatisfactory attendance will be reported to the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) even if the Veterans Affairs (VA) student has completed the required number of hours to complete and no refund is due the student and/or refund sources. Therefore, the attendance policy (20% of the total program and/or being absent five [5] consecutive days) will apply throughout the student’s stay in school. All violations of the attendance policy will be reported to VA on VA Form 22-1999b within 30 days at such time the student exceeds the allowed number of absences.