Columbia, Missouri: College Town, U.S.A.

At Columbia College, you'll be part of the more than 30,000 students who call CoMo home.

Columbia, Missouri is an eclectic city in the middle of the Midwest that offers a blend of sophistication and small-city charm.

Home to a major university and several colleges, Columbia has rightfully earned the nickname College Town, U.S.A.

Downtown Columbia at sunset. Downtown Columbia at sunset

Quality of life

There's a reason national magazines consistently rank Columbia as one of the best places to live in the country. In addition to educational opportunities, the city is home to high-quality healthcare facilities, cultural opportunities and a low cost of living. 

On the Columbia College campus, you'll be just minutes from shops, restaurants, galleries, concerts, theaters and cafes. 

Columbia also has a number of parks and trails. Walk, jog or bike the MKT Nature and Fitness Trail . Enjoy public swimming areas. Hike at Rock Bridge or Finger Lakes state parks or the Mark Twain National Forest

Columbia enjoys the best of all four seasons, including relatively mild winters, vibrant springs, pleasant summers and crisp autumns. 

Columbia has a regional airport with direct flights to several major airports.

And we're just two hours away from St. Louis and Kansas City. Both cities have museums, zoos and other cultural attractions, as well as international airports.