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College is about your future.So is sustainability.

What we do today matters every day going forward. That’s why we have a thriving Columbia College Sustainability Committee (CCSC) that considers the all the ways we can positively impact our campus and our community today and tomorrow.

CCSC: CCSC is comprised of passionate faculty, staff and students. They influence a variety of sustainability and green initiatives, everything from day-to-day recycling programs to future energy-efficient building plans. To learn more, contact co-chair Dr. Nathan Means at

Mission statement: To organize, implement and inform the campus and community about sustainability by meeting the needs of the present campus and global community without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs.

Green is all around you

Sustainability and green projects are underway all across campus. The ideas come from a variety of places: the CCSC, The Green Team (a student volunteer organization), the Student Government Association (SGA), classes and more. Here's a quick overview:

  • A potential new pollinator garden

    Developed and designed by students
  • Reusable to-go boxes

    Use them all year for a one-time $5.00 fee; get a refund at the end of the school
  • Trayless meals

    Waste less food by taking only what you’ll eat; you can always go back for more
  • Build-A-Bin

    After first semester finals, organizations decorate a bin and compete to collect the most recyclables and a cash prize

And of course, you’ll find blue recycle bins all over campus

Environmental Science Major: Your natural career choice

Turn your interest in the natural world around you into a career that can make the world a better place. As an environmental science major, you’ll focus on the interactions between humans and the natural environment and will develop the skills to help create effective strategies for resolving a variety of environmental challenges.

Put your energy (and your good ideas) to good use

Every good idea, every helping hand makes a difference. If you’d like to get involved, reach out to the Sustainability committee co-hair, Dr. Nathan Means at or contact student-driven The Green Team.


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