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Message from the Provost

Dr. Starrett, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs

I am Dave Starrett, I am the Provost at Columbia College. I am the chief Academic Officer which means I oversee all of the academics at Columbia College. My job is to ensure that we are providing a quality and relevant education to you. One of the most rewarding moments for a provost is when students complete their academic work and earn a degree.

You recently earned a degree from Columbia College. This is a significant event. I have earned a college degree (four of them in fact) and I know how it feels. It's kind of like turning 21. You feel the same but the world sees you as different. You have opportunities available to you that you didn’t have before. You earn a greater degree of respect. You are a college graduate.

So what is a college degree? It started with your decision to make a change in your life. Going to college for the first time. Going back after being away. Looking to improve a job situation. Looking for credentials to get a new job. Whatever the reason, you came to Columbia College to get a college degree.

Faculty and staff at Columbia College worked hard to prepare and deliver an education to you. You worked hard to complete assignments, to attend class in seat or online, and to learn. You completed a number of courses that add up to a college degree.

What’s next for you? You may not yet know. Or you may have a definite plan. Regardless, what is important is that you now have a college degree, or maybe for some of you it is another college degree. It is a great accomplishment that you should be proud of. Your family and friends should be proud. I am proud.

Your degree should bring you increased opportunity. Maybe a new job, a move up in your current job, or just increased competency to do your job. Maybe you earned your degree for other reasons. Whatever your motivation, you now have that degree you wanted and I hope it serves you purposes well.

Congratulations on becoming a college graduate, and getting a degree from Columbia College. I wish you the best of luck.


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