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Graduate Profile: Regina R. Meyer

Degree Information

Degree: Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

Major(s): Business Adm in Human Res Mgmt, Business Admin in Management, Business Admin in Marketing

Commencement slide

Extended information

Why did you choose Columbia College?

The availablity to do both online and in seat while working fulltime.

What are your plans for the future?

Further my working career.

What was your favorite course, and why?

The three Algebra classes with Mr. Huhn at the Jefferson City Campus. His classes were engaging and challenging. He was a clear and direct instructor that took time to make sure everyone had ample amount of opportunities to grasp the Algebra concepts. He adapted the classes to pull the most useful areas from the book that would be beneficial to students.

Is there anyone you would like to thank?

Professor Huhn at the Jefferson City Evening Campus. He was a tough, but amazing teacher! I wish every kid in school had the ability to learn Algebra from Mr. Huhn. His way of teaching, showing your work through the whole process instead of technology is a viable resource. I have referenced back to my notes from his class already to assist my nephew with his Algebra. Thank you Mr. Huhn for being a challenging and great teacher that I will always remember.



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