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Graduate Profile: Helen R. Reynolds

Degree Information

Degree: Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

Major(s): Business Adm in Human Res Mgmt, Business Admin in Management

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Extended information

Why did you choose Columbia College?

We had just moved back to the United States from two consecutive overseas tours and I was ready to get back into college. While researching local colleges and those available at Fort Leonard Wood, MO, Columbia College was the best option for me. Since I am a Domestic Engineer, online was the best way to go. To top it off, Columbia College had been voted the Best for Vets and was recognized for it's online bachelor's degree programs through U.S.News & World Report. Not only did it suit my needs but it also was a great college!

What are your plans for the future?

Honestly, what drew me to the title of the degree was that "Admin" part not knowing what I would do. As I progressed through the degree, I realized that my admin skills were just a small piece of it. Short-term goals are to continue streamlining procedures and programs as the Assistant Manager at The Thrift Shop - JBER and throughout my volunteer efforts with P.W.O.C., the FRG and Anchorage Concert Association. I am continuing my education with Wayland Baptist University (Anchorage) to earn my Masters in Christian Ministry (M.C.M.). From's where God wants me use my skills, talents and degree.

What was your favorite course, and why?

The last one! Honestly, all the courses were a great asset to my education and will help me with my future endeavors.

Is there anyone you would like to thank?

Thank you God for giving me the strength to change my circumstances, to succeed and bringing me my loving husband and family. Thank you Jess for your continued support throughout our marriage, friendship and your encouragement to grow in Christ. Thank you Cindy for inspiring me to get back to school and keep at it; even if growth can hurt, you've helped me to resist being stagnant. I love you all!



1/12/2014 11:22:24 PM Stephanie Leary Congratulations to a wonderful role model and friend. I couldn't be more happy for you now and in your continued studies. Best of luck girl! Report


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