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Graduate Profile: Charles V. Dukes

Degree Information

Degree: Associate in Science in Criminal Justice

Major(s): Criminal Justice

Commencement slide

Extended information

Why did you choose Columbia College?

After enlisting in the in the Army for a second term in 2007, I decided that it was time to further my education. After researching many colleges around the Savannah, Georgia area, I decided that Columbia College was the best fit for me. The prevalent influence on my decision to attended Columbia was the student counselors. Their dedication to helping me achieve my goals and eagerness to provide mentorship was truly remarkable.

What are your plans for the future?

What I plan to do now is to continue my education and apply for the Bachelor’s program.

What was your favorite course, and why?

The most influential courses while attending class here at Columbia College was Laws of Criminal Evidence, and Criminal Procedure. The information I learned in these classes furthered my interest in Criminal Justice greatly. The field trips to actual court proceedings were very influential and cultivated my desire to learn as well.

Is there anyone you would like to thank?

I give all praise to the lord our God for everything I am, and everything I will become. I would also like to think my wife Katrina for the support and encouragement she provided throughout the many endeavors I embarked upon while attending college, and for staying by my side for more than 13 years. I would like to thank my kids Jalontae, Ahlivia, Jakayden, Janolan for all their support, love you all. Last but not least, I would like to think the counselors and staff at Columbia College, Hunter Army Airfield for all their support as well.



10/29/2013 8:31:36 AM Charles Thanks man! Report
10/29/2013 8:30:37 AM Charles Thanks Man! Report
10/24/2013 9:49:27 PM Jarell Gatlin Good Job!!! Report
10/24/2013 9:48:53 PM Jarell Gatlin Good Job!!! Report


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