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Graduate Profile: Alcena E. Doxley

Degree Information

Degree: Associate in Science in Business Administration

Major(s): Business Administration

Commencement slide

Extended information

Why did you choose Columbia College?

I chose Columbia College because of the online capabilities and to continue my association with a college in Missouri.

What are your plans for the future?

I endeavor to engage into a promotion on my current job as I continue to study towards my Bachelors degree

What was your favorite course, and why?

All the classes were good, but Marketing was the class I enjoyed the most. The professor was very interactive with the students and I enjoyed the current event articles that were shared during this time.

Is there anyone you would like to thank?

I thank all the professors who shared with me during this time.



6/18/2013 7:16:46 PM Lorenzo Doxley Jr Good job Report
2/7/2013 12:40:21 PM Deidre Doxley I'm so proud of you mom!! All your hard work and dedication is paying off. Report
2/7/2013 11:18:23 AM Lauren D. Woooooo Hooooo!!!!!!! Report


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