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Master Syllabus

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Administrative Unit: Physical and Biological Sciences Department
Course Prefix and Number: ENVS 319
Course Title: *Soils
Number of:
Credit Hours 3
Lecture Hours 3
Lab Hours 0
Catalog Description:

An examination of soils. Topics include soil as a medium for plant growth, habitat for organisms, system for water supply and purification, recycling system for nutrients and organic wastes and engineering medium. Cross-listed as BIOL 319. Prerequisites: C or better in BIOL 110 or BIOL/ENVS 115; C or better in CHEM 110.

Prerequisite(s) / Corequisite(s):

C or better in BIOL 110 or BIOL/ENVS 115; C or better in CHEM 110.

Course Rotation for Day Program:

Offered odd Spring.

Text(s): Most current editions of the following:

The Nature and Properties of Soils
By Brady et al. (Prentice Hall)
Course Objectives
  • To examine soils.
  • To explore how soil is a medium for plant growth.
  • ┬áTo explore how soil is a system for water supply and purification.
  • To explore how soil is a recycling system for nutrients and organic wastes.
  • To explore how we use soil as an engineering medium.
  • To explore soil as a habitat for organisms.
Measurable Learning
  • Explain formation of soil from parent materials.
  • Explain soil classification.
  • Describe soil physical properties.
  • Describe soil water characteristics and behavior and relation to hydrologic cycle.
  • Describe soil air and temperature.
  • Explain soil chemistry and nurtient cycling.
  • Describe soil organic matter.
  • Explain how agriculture, industry and urbanization impact soil.
  • Compare protection and management of ecosystems as strategies for sustainability pertaining to soil and water quality.
  • Discuss how social, economic and policy impact soil and water quality.
Topical Outline:
  • Soil
  • Soil importance and interaction with agriculture, industry and civilization
  • Soil pollutants and remediation strategies
  • Social values, economic and policy pertaining to soil and water quality

Recommended maximum class size for this course: 24

Library Resources:

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Prepared by: Nathan Means Date: August 27, 2014
NOTE: The intention of this master course syllabus is to provide an outline of the contents of this course, as specified by the faculty of Columbia College, regardless of who teaches the course, when it is taught, or where it is taught. Faculty members teaching this course for Columbia College are expected to facilitate learning pursuant to the course objectives and cover the subjects listed in the topical outline. However, instructors are also encouraged to cover additional topics of interest so long as those topics are relevant to the course's subject. The master syllabus is, therefore, prescriptive in nature but also allows for a diversity of individual approaches to course material.

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