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Master Syllabus

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Administrative Unit: Art Department
Course Prefix and Number: ARTS 496
Course Title: Senior Portfolio
Number of:
Credit Hours 3
Lecture Hours 1.5
Lab Hours 1.5
Catalog Description:

Culminating experience course for all art degrees. This course is for both portfolio development and to provide information into the practical application of professional practices, business skills and career planning specific to the discipline of studio art and design. It assists the art/design major in building a professional career and/or pursuing advanced education or training. Students present a portfolio of their most recent work to faculty and guests at the end of this course. This portfolio is part of the Art Department’s program assessment. Students select a faculty mentor to assist them in their portfolio project. This course is required of all BA, BS and BFA students. Prerequisite: Senior standing.

Prerequisite(s) / Corequisite(s):

Senior standing.

Course Rotation for Day Program: Offered Fall and Spring.
Text(s): None.

Course Objectives
  • To produce a high quality body of new artwork under faculty guidance.
  • To present a digital portfolio of quality work to faculty and guest assessors.
  • To professionally document artwork.
  • To thoughtfully critique own art and that of other artists.
  • To properly locate, research and complete application materials specific to the visual arts/design.
  • To demonstrate understanding of the business aspect of the art world i.e. copyright laws, taxes, record keeping, etc.

    Measurable Learning
  • Produce a body of new work that shows high level of expertise in major.
  • Professionally present a culminating portfolio of best artwork produced in the major over the past two years.
  • Prepare a digital portfolio of personal artwork.
  • Write a thoughtful and creative personal artist statement.
  • Describe and explain business practices for studio artists and designers.
  • Describe and explain copyright laws as related to art/design.
    Topical Outline:
  • Outline plan for portfolio projects, select a mentor, begin work
  • Develop a career plan
  • Art/design presentation and documentation
  • Search for a place for one’s art-careers, freelance, gallery contacts
  • Continuing education-graduate school, workshops, etc.
  • The business side of the art world, i.e. copyright laws, taxes, record keeping, etc.

    Recommended maximum class size for this course: 20

    Library Resources:

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    Prepared by: Michael Sleadd Date: April 14, 2011
    NOTE: The intention of this master course syllabus is to provide an outline of the contents of this course, as specified by the faculty of Columbia College, regardless of who teaches the course, when it is taught, or where it is taught. Faculty members teaching this course for Columbia College are expected to facilitate learning pursuant to the course objectives and cover the subjects listed in the topical outline. However, instructors are also encouraged to cover additional topics of interest so long as those topics are relevant to the course's subject. The master syllabus is, therefore, prescriptive in nature but also allows for a diversity of individual approaches to course material.

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