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Master Syllabi

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Your search for MSCJ returned 19 results.

Prefix Number Course Title View
MSCJ : Masters in Criminal Justice
MSCJ500Research DesignView Syllabus
MSCJ501Current Issues and Future Directions in Criminal JusticeView Syllabus
MSCJ510Legal and Ethical Issues in Criminal JusticeView Syllabus
MSCJ524Criminal Justice Policy Development and EvaluationView Syllabus
MSCJ525Comparative Criminal Justice SystemsView Syllabus
MSCJ526*Human Resource Management and TheoryView Syllabus
MSCJ530Legal Aspects of Criminal Justice ManagementView Syllabus
MSCJ532Organizational BehaviorView Syllabus
MSCJ533Topics in Criminal JusticeView Syllabus
MSCJ535Budgeting and Planning for Criminal Justice ManagersView Syllabus
MSCJ543Development of Standard Operating ProcedureView Syllabus
MSCJ550Readings in Criminal Justice AdministrationView Syllabus
MSCJ561Crisis InterventionView Syllabus
MSCJ567Seminar in Juvenile JusticeView Syllabus
MSCJ579Law Enforcement and the CommunityView Syllabus
MSCJ580Capstone/Intensive Writing SeminarView Syllabus
MSCJ587Corrections AdministrationView Syllabus
MSCJ589Community CorrectionsView Syllabus
MSCJ595Emergent Issues in Criminal JusticeView Syllabus


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