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Master Syllabi

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Prefix Number Course Title View
HIST : History
HIST101Western Civilization to 1715View Syllabus
HIST102Western Civilization IIView Syllabus
HIST111World History to 1500View Syllabus
HIST112World History 1500 to the PresentView Syllabus
HIST121American History to 1877View Syllabus
HIST122American History Since 1877View Syllabus
HIST294Introduction to the Historian's CraftView Syllabus
HIST303*History and Philosophy of Modern ScienceView Syllabus
HIST304History of Latin AmericaView Syllabus
HIST312Twentieth Century American Diplomatic HistoryView Syllabus
HIST314Modern ChinaView Syllabus
HIST316Modern JapanView Syllabus
HIST318The U.S. and the Vietnam WarView Syllabus
HIST319*History and Democracy of the Modern Middle EastView Syllabus
HIST319*History and Democracy in the Modern Middle EastView Syllabus
HIST321History of the Modern U.S.View Syllabus
HIST322*Women and Gender in World HistoryView Syllabus
HIST329Warfare, Witches, and Life in Early Modern Europe, 1550-1700View Syllabus
HIST332The European RenaissanceView Syllabus
HIST334The European EnlightenmentView Syllabus
HIST335Nineteenth-Century EuropeView Syllabus
HIST336Twentieth- Century EuropeView Syllabus
HIST337Fascism in Europe, 1900-1945View Syllabus
HIST339*History of Modern AfricaView Syllabus
HIST340*Philosophy of RevolutionView Syllabus
HIST342American Civil WarView Syllabus
HIST348World War IIView Syllabus
HIST350American RevolutionView Syllabus
HIST352*American Environmental HistoryView Syllabus
HIST353Missouri HistoryView Syllabus
HIST358The Making of Modern BritainView Syllabus
HIST359Rise and Fall of the British EmpireView Syllabus
HIST362History of the American WestView Syllabus
HIST370American Military HistoryView Syllabus
HIST371*History of American BusinessView Syllabus
HIST372American Indian HistoryView Syllabus
HIST373*Women and Gender in American HistoryView Syllabus
HIST374African American HistoryView Syllabus
HIST381*History of Christianity: The Early ChurchView Syllabus
HIST382*Christianity in the Modern WorldView Syllabus
HIST391Imperial RussiaView Syllabus
HIST392History of Russia: 1825 to PresentView Syllabus
HIST394Modern Historiography: The West and the WorldView Syllabus
HIST399History InternshipView Syllabus
HIST494Senior Seminar in HistoryView Syllabus
HIST499Advanced History InternshipView Syllabus


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