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Master Syllabi

Select one or more of the criteria below to find your master syllabi. You can search with multiple criteria to get more specific results. Using a partial course name, like 'accounting', will return all courses with that term in the title.

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Your search for FRSC returned 14 results.

Prefix Number Course Title View
FRSC : Forensic Science
FRSC210Introduction to Forensic ScienceView Syllabus
FRSC305Forensic AnthropologyView Syllabus
FRSC310Professional Issues in Forensic ScienceView Syllabus
FRSC315Forensic MicroscopyView Syllabus
FRSC327Fingerprint EvidenceView Syllabus
FRSC335LCriminalistics LaboratoryView Syllabus
FRSC406*Expert and Scientific EvidenceView Syllabus
FRSC415Forensic BiologyView Syllabus
FRSC425*Forensic ChemistryView Syllabus
FRSC425L*Forensic Chemistry LaboratoryView Syllabus
FRSC430Physical and Chemical Methods in Forensic ScienceView Syllabus
FRSC430LPhysical and Chemical Methods in Forensic Science LaboratoryView Syllabus
FRSC445Forensic PathologyView Syllabus
FRSC475Senior Seminar in Forensic ScienceView Syllabus


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