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Master Syllabi

Select one or more of the criteria below to find your master syllabi. You can search with multiple criteria to get more specific results. Using a partial course name, like 'accounting', will return all courses with that term in the title.

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Your search for ENGL returned 33 results.

Prefix Number Course Title View
ENGL : English
ENGL107Preparatory CompositionView Syllabus
ENGL111English Composition IView Syllabus
ENGL112English Composition IIView Syllabus
ENGL204Technical WritingView Syllabus
ENGL207Introduction to Creative Writing -- MultigenreView Syllabus
ENGL210Introduction to FictionView Syllabus
ENGL211Introduction to PoetryView Syllabus
ENGL212Introduction to DramaView Syllabus
ENGL220Writing about LiteratureView Syllabus
ENGL231British Literature IView Syllabus
ENGL232British Literature IIView Syllabus
ENGL241American Literature IView Syllabus
ENGL242American Literature IIView Syllabus
ENGL263World Literature IView Syllabus
ENGL264World Literature IIView Syllabus
ENGL311Descriptive Grammar of the English LanguageView Syllabus
ENGL312History of the English LanguageView Syllabus
ENGL313Intermediate Creative Writing I -- FictionView Syllabus
ENGL314Intermediate Creative Writing II -- Creative NonfictionView Syllabus
ENGL315Intermediate Creative Writing III -- PoetryView Syllabus
ENGL350Major Literary FiguresView Syllabus
ENGL351Readings in ShakespeareView Syllabus
ENGL360Readings in FictionView Syllabus
ENGL361Readings in PoetryView Syllabus
ENGL362Readings in DramaView Syllabus
ENGL370Major Literary PeriodsView Syllabus
ENGL371Ethnic Traditions in American LiteratureView Syllabus
ENGL399English InternshipView Syllabus
ENGL408Advanced Creative WritingView Syllabus
ENGL420Advanced Editing and RevisionView Syllabus
ENGL425Literary Theory and CriticismView Syllabus
ENGL431Senior SeminarView Syllabus
ENGL499Advanced English InternshipView Syllabus


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