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Master Syllabus

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Administrative Unit: History and Political Science Department
Course Prefix and Number: MAMS 600
Course Title: Military Studies Thesis
Number of:
Credit Hours 3
Lecture Hours 3
Lab Hours 3
Catalog Description:

Completing a master's thesis on an approved topic. Individual students explore the writing and publishing process, from thesis to monograph and beyond. They complete a typewritten, submitted, revised, and defended product before the end of the term. Based upon primary and secondary sources of information, the expected length is at least 50 pages. Teleconferencing is required. Prerequisite: MAMS 510.

Prerequisite(s) / Corequisite(s):

MAMS 510.

Text(s): Most current editions of the following:

Additional monographs may be assigned as appropriate.

Getting It Published, 2nd edition
By Germano, William (University of Chicago Press (2008))
The U.S. Military Profession into the Twenty-First Century, 2nd Edition
By Sarkesian, Sam C. and Robert E. Connor, Jr. (Taylor & Francis (2007))
Course Objectives
  • To engage in methods, theories, principles, techniques, and concepts common to the liberal arts.
  • To evaluate primary and secondary sources from multidisciplinary perspectives on the U.S. military.
  • To master writing, analytical, and presentation skills on an approved research topic.
Measurable Learning Outcomes:
  • Review methods, theories, principles, techniques, and concepts for advanced research.
  • Synthesize points of view with a coherent and comprehensive approach to an approved topic.
  • Discover the finer points of publishing etiquette from submitting a manuscript to getting a contract.
  • Create a publication quality thesis for reporting on the state of the art research.
  • Submit multiple drafts and revisions of a thesis in the CMS or APA format.
  • Defend a master's thesis before a faculty board.
Topical Outline:

Instructors should introduce participants to various tools - practical and theoretical - that scholars have used to publish writings on military affairs. The process must include an effective oral and written defense of the work. Pre-approval of the research topic is required. Topics for the course should include, but not be limited to, the following:

  • The military professional
  • Writing a manuscript
  • Journals, collections, anthologies, electronica, and books
  • Selecting and contacting a publisher
  • Surviving the review process
  • How to defend a thesis
  • Matters of style
  • Delivering the completed thesis

Recommended maximum class size for this course: 20

Library Resources:

Online databases are available at the Columbia College Stafford Library.  You may access them using your CougarTrack login and password when prompted.

Prepared by: Brad Lookingbill Date: February 23, 2010
NOTE: The intention of this master course syllabus is to provide an outline of the contents of this course, as specified by the faculty of Columbia College, regardless of who teaches the course, when it is taught, or where it is taught. Faculty members teaching this course for Columbia College are expected to facilitate learning pursuant to the course objectives and cover the subjects listed in the topical outline. However, instructors are also encouraged to cover additional topics of interest so long as those topics are relevant to the course's subject. The master syllabus is, therefore, prescriptive in nature but also allows for a diversity of individual approaches to course material.

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