Effective: Early Spring 8-Week 2018/2019

MGMT 422: New Venture Creation

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  Course Description

Students will create a business plan in accordance with Small Business Association (SBAA) Guidelines. Students will learn how to pitch their plan to various types of stakeholders.

Prerequisite: MGMT 341

Proctored Exams: None



  • Hatton, Timothy S. (2014). Small Business Management: Entrepreneurship and Beyond (6th ed.). Cengage Learning.  
    • [ISBN-978-1-285-86638-3]

MBS Information

Textbooks for the course may be ordered from MBS Direct. You can order

For additional information about the bookstore, visit http://www.mbsbooks.com.

  Course Overview

Students will become familiar with the major areas of the business plan: executive summary, company description, market analysis, organization and management, service or product line, marketing and sales, financial projections, funding request and the pitch. The objectives of the course will be accomplished through the design and completion of a final paper (business plan), four small papers (dropbox assignments), online research, and discussion assignments.

  Technology Requirements

Participation in this course will require the basic technology for all online classes at Columbia College:
  • A computer with reliable Internet access
  • A web browser
  • Acrobat Reader
  • Microsoft Office or another word processor such as Open Office

You can find more details about standard technical requirements for our courses on our site.

  Course Learning Outcomes

  1. Identify management and organization issues such as the firm's organizational structure, ownership, profiles of managers, and the need for employees.
  2. Describe the business's product or service. Include details related to the product's life cycle and intellectual property rights and prepare a comprehensive marketing strategy for the product or service.
  3. Conduct a comprehensive market analysis for the proposed business.
  4. Prepare an executive summary and company description for a proposed start-up business.
  5. Create a business plan and pitch the plan to various types of stakeholders.


Grading Scale

Grade Points Percent
A 720-800 90-100%
B 640-719 80-89%
C 560-639 70-79%
D 480-559 60-69%
F 0-479 0-59%

Grade Weights

Assignment Category Points Percent
Discussions 80 10%
Dropbox Papers 120 15%
Weekly Quizzes 350 44%
Business Plan Final Paper 250 31%
Total 800 100%

  Schedule of Due Dates

Week 1

Assignment Points Due
Introductions Sunday
Discussion 1 10
Quiz 1 50
Business Venture Proposal

Week 2

Assignment Points Due
Discussion 2 10 Sunday
Quiz 2 50

Week 3

Assignment Points Due
Discussion 3 10 Sunday
Quiz 3 50
Dropbox Paper 1 30

Week 4

Assignment Points Due
Discussion 4 10 Sunday
Quiz 4 50
Dropbox Paper 2 30

Week 5

Assignment Points Due
Discussion 5 10 Sunday
Quiz 5 50
Dropbox Paper 3 30

Week 6

Assignment Points Due
Discussion 6 10 Sunday
Quiz 6 50
Dropbox Paper 4 30

Week 7

Assignment Points Due
Discussion 7 10 Sunday
Quiz 7 50
Draft Business Plan Final Paper (optional)

Week 8

Assignment Points Due
Discussion 8 10 Saturday
Business Plan Final Paper and Pitch 250
Total Points: 800

  Assignment Overview


Complete all assigned weekly readings prior to your other course assignments so that concepts covered can inform your work.


You will find some weeks in which recommended video links are provided for your viewing.  While these videos are not worth points, nor are they required, you will find them to be beneficial to your business project considerations. They are relatively short, informative, and entertaining.


Discussions will take place each week and will include one graded discussion question that requires an original response and at least one reply to another student with constructive commentary to earn response points. These discussions should be approached and completed through the lens of the business you have selected for your Business Plan Project. In order to conduct a timely discussion, it is important that students contribute postings to the weekly discussion in a timely manner. Each discussion question is worth 8 points, with 2 points for the response. Please review the Schedule of Due Dates above for weekly scoring. Your original post and response are due by 11:59pm CT Sunday, except for Week 8 when they will be due 11:59 pm CT Saturday.

Detailed directions for all discussions are available in the Content area of the course. You must review this information in order to accurately complete the assignment. If you have questions about an assignment, please post your question/problem under the General Discussions topic in the Discussions area. Assignments must be posted in the body of the message box, not as an attachment. Discussion postings submitted as attachments will receive zero credit. Please review the Discussions Expectations page in the Content area before posting your Week 1 assignment.

Dropbox Papers

There are four dropbox paper assignments. Each paper will cover two of the Measurable Learning Outcomes defined above. You should follow APA guidelines. These papers are designed to provide key aspects to your Business Plan Project. Dropbox assignments must be completed using Microsoft Word or a comparable program. Please save all files as .doc or .rtf (Rich Text Format) and submit them via the appropriate Dropbox folder by 11:59 pm CT Sunday.


You will complete a weekly quiz for each of the first seven weeks. Each quiz is worth 50 points (44% of final grade) and will consist of multiple choice questions. You will have one timed attempt of 40 minutes. You should not approach these quizzes lightly. Not completing one quiz will lower your final grade by over half a letter grade. Quizzes may not be made up. Due date extensions must be requested before the date the quiz is due.

In order to prepare for the quiz you should review the weekly quiz study guide posted under the Content area. Questions will require students to understand, analyze, and apply concepts relating to the principles and practices of new venture creation as provided in your text. You should know the material thoroughly because although you will have use of the text, you will have limited time to make use of it. Quizzes are designed to be taken closed-book; you should prepare accordingly.

Business Plan Final Paper

Each student is responsible for writing a final business plan (double-spaced) paper following APA guidelines. This paper will be due at 11:59 pm CT Saturday of Week 8.

In Week 1 (due 11:59 pm CT Sunday), you will be asked to propose a new business venture that you will take through the process of development. Your tasks will include research, outlining and devising key components of your business plan throughout the course (in accordance with SBA guidelines), culminating in the creation of a model business plan. Please note: The business plan MUST be for a new venture, not a franchise, buy-out, or existing business.

This plan should be as real world as possible. All business ideas must be approved by the instructor before pursuing any next steps or further project work. A successful paper will address each area of the SBA business plan in specific detail and term, utilizing the SBA website and outside (cited) research information. During Week 7, you will be asked to submit your business plan draft for peer review. You will also be requested to review/comment on other business plans. Participation in this process counts towards the final project grade. 

In MGMT 341 (Small Business Management), you learned the value of the product/service pitch (or “elevator pitch”). We are going to take this a step further, and now you will need to pitch your product/service and plan as you would to a group of investors. Each student will record and upload a 10-15 minute oral presentation video pitching their new and original product/service and business plan to potential investors (work done in previous classes will not be accepted). The goal of this component of the assignment is to prepare students to pitch their business plan to potential investors.

Recording your video can be done using a webcam and/or a smartphone. The quality of the production will not be graded, only the content. You must submit a link to your final video to the designated discussion post by 11:59 pm CT Saturday of Week 8. Complete submission instructions are available in the Content area of the course. The Business Plan Pitch will comprise 50 of the 250 points for the Business Plan Project.

The purpose of this assignment is to become knowledgeable of The Small Business Associations (SBA) business plan model. The Content Area will provide a detailed outline of expectations for each level of the process, as much of what you will do during this course will provide you with materials for this project.


  • All communication in this course is formal.Formal rules of English, including punctuation, capitalization, and grammar, apply to all submissions, including email.
  • Class participants will observe the rules of Internet etiquette.
  • The General Discussions forum is the preferred method of communication about course issues.
  • Email should be used for questions relating to quiz questions and grading.

 Guidelines on plagiarism are presented in the Plagiarism Tutorial in the Content area of the course. There is also an optional, not for credit quiz over the tutorial under the Quizzes link.

  Course Outline

Click on each week to view details about the activities scheduled for that week.

Chapters 1, 2 & 3: Small Business Overview, Management, Entrepreneurship, Ownership, and Strategic Planning
Please take a few minutes to tell the class a little bit about yourself...your interests, goals, experiences, etc.. Be sure to include any business experience or business interests/goals you have.
Discussion 1

Remember, each week you must access the Content area for additional information required to complete the assignment. 

The purpose of this discussion assignment is to begin to lay the groundwork for your final assignment, a business plan for a new venture you will develop throughout the coming weeks of the course.

Your assignment for Discussion 1 is to propose this business. Provide some specific details on your proposal that include the following: name of business, legal formation type, and why you have selected this business/service/product. This business MUST be a new venture, not a franchise, buy-out, or existing business.

Remember you will not only be writing a final paper detailing the finer points of your business/service/product, but you will also be creating a video pitch that will garner financial support for it. You will need to consider this when selecting your business/service/product. Review the Video Pitch Module for ideas and more detailed information on video production.

Your initial response is worth 8 points. This posting will serve as your proposal, which must be approved by the instructor. Should it not be approved, you will be asked to revise and resubmit the initial post, but not additional replies to other students.

Once you’ve posted your submission, remember that you must reply to at least one other student with constructive commentary to earn a possible 2 response points. Due 11:59pm CT Sunday.

Quiz 1
Complete Quiz 1 located in the Quizzes area of the course. Review the Quiz Policies and Guidelines information available in the Content area before completing Quiz 1.
Business Venture Proposal
Submit your proposal for an original business venture to the appropriate dropbox. Additional details and requirements available in the Content area.
Chapter 4 & 15: The Business Plan (domestic and international)
Discussion 2

The business plan will be reviewed primarily from Chapter 4, with a look at chapter 15 in regards to international considerations if appropriate. As you formulate the preliminary details and outline for your executive summary, be prepared to explain the following:

  • Why there is a need for your business?
  • What niche in the market will it fulfill?
  • What is the current market like competitively for your business?
  • If you decide to expand internationally, what hurdles might you expect, and how would you handle them?
Quiz 2
Complete Quiz 2 located in the Quizzes area of the course.
Chapters 5, 6, & 7: Challenges of Each Type of New Business Venture
Discussion 3
What are the pros and cons of each type of new business venture similar to the business you are utilizing for your business plan? For instance, if you select a hair salon as a new venture, what are the advantages and disadvantages hair salons will face as a new venture?  As a franchise? As a take-over?
Quiz 3
Complete Quiz 3 located in the Quizzes area of the course.
Dropbox Paper 1

In your dropbox paper, detail key management and organization plans for your venture.These should include the central organizational structure, ownership and management profiles, and the need for additional staff/employees. How will the business meet the need for skills not possessed by the owner? (HINT: You will find valuable information by surveying/emailing local and online providers of similar services, including how those skills can be purchased, and at what estimated cost).

Make sure to utilize the information from Chapters 5, 6, and 7 of the textbook. For more information, view the Dropbox Paper 1 expectations in the Week 3 Content area.

Chapters 8 & 9: Accounting Records, Financial Statements and Finance
Discussion 4

This week, our focus is understanding the basics of Cash Flow, Accounting, Terms & Finance. On page 209 the text states, “A company that does not effectively manage its cash flow -- by balancing its income and expenses on a day-to-day basis -- is poised for collapse.

For your venture, how will you manage your cash flow? Where will the money for start-up come from? Provide a plan for how you will cover your living expenses for the first year of operation.

Quiz 4
Complete Quiz 4 located in the Quizzes area of the course.
Dropbox Paper 2
  • Prepare an executive summary and company description for your proposed new business venture
  • Prepare pro-forma financial statements
  • Prepare a request for funding

Be sure to review and understand all the necessary information required of these business plan components. For more information, view the Dropbox Paper 2 Expectations details in the Week 4 Content area.

Chapters 10, 16 & 17:  Legal Environment, Management Practices & HR
Discussion 5
This week our focus is intellectual property considerations, leadership & employees. For your venture, what intellectual property rights will need to protect?  How will you do so? What legal considerations will your business need to examine in terms of human resources?
Quiz 5
Complete Quiz 5 located in the Quizzes area of the course.
Dropbox Paper 3
In your dropbox paper, you will need to provide details (ultimately for your business plan) about the product or service your business will offer. This should include details related to the product’s life cycle and intellectual property rights. Be sure to use the SBA business plan format, as this will be integrated in your final business plan. You also need to propose how, and to whom, you will be making your business pitch. For more information, view the Dropbox Paper 3 Expectations details in the Week 5 Content area.
Chapters 11 & 12: Strategy, Research & Product
Discussion 6
In this week’s reading, we look at marketing strategy and research and product development. How will you divide your market into “target markets”?  What are the different segmentation variables that might impact your product/service? Please provide real-life demographic data to support your answers.
Quiz 6
Complete Quiz 6 located in the Quizzes area of the course.
Dropbox Paper 4

In your dropbox 4 paper, you will need to provide a comprehensive market analysis and marketing strategy for the product or service that you are proposing. You will want to be sure to identify your marketing objectives and define the goals of your plan. This assignment will be integrated within your final business plan, so be sure to include all the necessary components.

For more information, view the Dropbox Paper 4 Expectations details in the Week 6 Content area

Course Evaluation
Please evaluate the course. You will have an opportunity to evaluate the course near the end of the session. A link sent to your CougarMail will allow you to access the evaluation. Please note that these evaluations are provided so that I can improve the course, find out what students perceive to be its strengths and weaknesses, and in general assess the success of the course. Please do take the time to fill this out.
Chapters 13 & 14: Location, Price & Promotion
Discussion 7
This week, we look at applying marketing concepts. How will you market your product/service? Examine advertising/promotional opportunities in your proposed market, what do you observe? Devise an introductory advertising strategy and choose the best place to advertise your product or service. Draft an advertisement for your product/service, and find out the cost of placing it.
Quiz 7
Complete Quiz 7 located in the Quizzes area of the course.
Draft Business Plan Final Paper (optional)
Submit your draft for the Business Plan Final Paper to the appropriate dropbox. Additional details and requirements available in the Content area.
Small Business Association Guidelines
Discussion 8
This week we will review the Small Business Association Guidelines. For your discussion this week, please post your observations, comments and questions regarding the guidelines: What do you find to be the strengths of the SBA Business Plan guidelines? What are the weaknesses? What changes or enhancements, if any, would you make? And why?
Business Plan Final Paper and Pitch

Utilizing what you have learned in the readings and assignments of this course, complete and submit your final business plan and link to your 10-15 minute pitch video for grading.

Each student is responsible for writing a final business plan (double-spaced) paper following APA guidelines. Your completed business plan must also be in accordance with the SBA guidelines. While the subject of your video will be a pitch to potential investors, you will also need to provide information as to how you will pitch the business plan to various types of stakeholders in your business plan. The business plan and pitch will be due at 11:59 pm CT Saturday. Assignment details, video resources, and a final checklist for submission can be found in Week 8 Content area.

Optional: Share your Business Plan Final Paper and link to your 10-15 minute Video Pitch with your classes in the appropriate discussion.

  Course Policies

Student Conduct

All Columbia College students, whether enrolled in a land-based or online course, are responsible for behaving in a manner consistent with Columbia College's Student Conduct Code and Acceptable Use Policy. Students violating these policies will be referred to the office of Student Affairs and/or the office of Academic Affairs for possible disciplinary action. The Student Code of Conduct and the Computer Use Policy for students can be found in the Columbia College Student Handbook. The Handbook is available online; you can also obtain a copy by calling the Student Affairs office (Campus Life) at 573-875-7400. The teacher maintains the right to manage a positive learning environment, and all students must adhere to the conventions of online etiquette.


Your grade will be based in large part on the originality of your ideas and your written presentation of these ideas. Presenting the words, ideas, or expression of another in any form as your own is plagiarism. Students who fail to properly give credit for information contained in their written work (papers, journals, exams, etc.) are violating the intellectual property rights of the original author. For proper citation of the original authors, you should reference the appropriate publication manual for your degree program or course (APA, MLA, etc.). Violations are taken seriously in higher education and may result in a failing grade on the assignment, a grade of "F" for the course, or dismissal from the College.

Collaboration conducted between students without prior permission from the instructor is considered plagiarism and will be treated as such. Spouses and roommates taking the same course should be particularly careful.

All required papers may be submitted for textual similarity review to Turnitin.com for the detection of plagiarism. All submitted papers may be included in the Turnitin.com reference database for the purpose of detecting plagiarism. This service is subject to the Terms and Conditions of Use posted on the Turnitin.com site.


There will be no discrimination on the basis of sex, race, color, national origin, sexual orientation, religion, ideology, political affiliation, veteran status, age, physical handicap, or marital status.

Student Accessibility Resources

Students with documented disabilities who may need academic services for this course are required to register with the office of Student Accessibility Resources. Until the student has been cleared through this office, accommodations do not have to be granted. If you are a student who has a documented disability, it is important for you to read the entire syllabus as soon as possible. The structure or the content of the course may make an accommodation not feasible. Student Accessibility Resources is located in Student Affairs in AHSC 215 and can be reached by phone at (573) 875-7626 or email at sar@ccis.edu.

Online Participation

You are expected to read the assigned texts and participate in the discussions and other course activities each week. Assignments should be posted by the due dates stated on the grading schedule in your syllabus. If an emergency arises that prevents you from participating in class, please let your instructor know as soon as possible.

Attendance Policy

Attendance for a week will be counted as having submitted any assigned activity for which points are earned. Attendance for the week is based upon the date work is submitted. A class week is defined as the period of time between Monday and Sunday (except for week 8, when the work and the course will end on Saturday at midnight.) The course and system deadlines are based on the Central Time Zone.

Cougar Email

All students are provided a CougarMail account when they enroll in classes at Columbia College. You are responsible for monitoring email from that account for important messages from the College and from your instructor. You may forward your Cougar email account to another account; however, the College cannot be held responsible for breaches in security or service interruptions with other email providers.

Students should use email for private messages to the instructor and other students. The class discussions are for public messages so the class members can each see what others have to say about any given topic and respond.

Late Assignment Policy

An online class requires regular participation and a commitment to your instructor and your classmates to regularly engage in the reading, discussion and writing assignments. Although most of the online communication for this course is asynchronous, you must be able to commit to the schedule of work for the class for the next eight weeks. You must keep up with the schedule of reading and writing to successfully complete the class.

No late discussion posts will be accepted.

Due date extensions must be requested prior to the assignment’s due date and require instructor approval. Approval will only be granted under significant extenuating circumstances, such as hospitalization, required travel for work or extreme personal/family emergencies. Maintaining access to the Internet is a requirement for this course. No exceptions for lack of Internet access will be granted unless the loss of service is community-wide and due to weather. Under no circumstances will an assignment or quiz be accepted after the last official day of class for the session. No "Incomplete Grades" will be awarded.

Course Evaluation

You will have an opportunity to evaluate the course near the end of the session. A link will be sent to your CougarMail that will allow you to access the evaluation. Be assured that the evaluations are anonymous and that your instructor will not be able to see them until after final grades are submitted.

  Additional Resources

Orientation for New Students

This course is offered online, using course management software provided by Desire2Learn and Columbia College. The course user guide provides details about taking an online course at Columbia College. You may also want to visit the course demonstration to view a sample course before this one opens.

Technical Support

If you have problems accessing the course or posting your assignments, contact your instructor, the Columbia College Helpdesk, or the D2L Helpdesk for assistance. Contact information is also available within the online course environment.

Online Tutoring

Smarthinking is a free online tutoring service available to all Columbia College students. Smarthinking provides real-time online tutoring and homework help for Math, English, and Writing. Smarthinking also provides access to live tutorials in writing and math, as well as a full range of study resources, including writing manuals, sample problems, and study skills manuals. You can access the service from wherever you have a connection to the Internet. I encourage you to take advantage of this free service provided by the college.

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