Effective: Early Spring 8-Week 2018/2019

CISS 492: Sr Seminar In Management Inform Systems

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  Course Description

Required culminating course for graduation as a Management Information Systems (MIS) major. Readings from current literature. Requires original research project or paper. Grade of C or higher required. This course includes a program evaluation component.

Prerequisite: CISS 325 (or CISS 320), CISS 365, CISS 430 and senior standing.

Proctored Exams: None


No Required Textbooks

This course utilizes online resources.

  Course Overview

This is the capstone course for the MIS degree and provides you an opportunity to bring together material from your MIS studies and to demonstrate your command of the material in the MIS curriculum.

Each week you will become acquainted with a variety of current issues in the field. You will research an appropriate topic from current literature in significant depth and write a research paper on the topic.

  Technology Requirements

Participation in this course will require the basic technology for all online classes at Columbia College:
  • A computer with reliable Internet access
  • A web browser
  • Acrobat Reader
  • Microsoft Office or another word processor such as Open Office

Use your headset to "Record Slide Show" from within PowerPoint.

You can find more details about standard technical requirements for our courses on our site.

  Course Learning Outcomes

  1. Write a research paper on a current issue in management information systems.
  2. Evaluate and present a current issue in management information systems.


Grading Scale

Grade Points Percent
A 900-1000 90-100%
B 800-899 80-89%
C 700-799 70-79%
D 600-699 60-69%
F 0-599 0-59%

Grade Weights

Assignment Category Points Percent
Discussions (10) 200 20%
Article Analysis and Summaries (8) 200 20%
PowerPoint Presentation (1) 100 10%
Research Paper Bibliography Upload (1) 25 2%
Research Paper Draft Submission (1) 75 8%
Research Paper Final Paper Submission (1) 400 40%
Total 1000 100%

  Schedule of Due Dates

Week 1

Assignment Points Due
Introduction Discussion -- Wednesday
Discussion 1 20 Wednesday/Sunday
Discussion 2 20
Article Analysis & Summary 1 25 Saturday

Week 2

Assignment Points Due
Discussion 3 20 Wednesday/Sunday
Article Analysis and Summary 2 25 Saturday
Research Paper Topic Submission -- Sunday

Week 3

Assignment Points Due
Discussion 4 20 Wednesday/Sunday
Discussion 5 20
Article Analysis and Summary 3 25 Saturday

Week 4

Assignment Points Due
Discussion 6 20 Wednesday/Sunday
Article Analysis and Summary 4 25 Saturday
Research Paper Draft Submission 75
Research Paper Bibliography Upload 25

Week 5

Assignment Points Due
Discussion 7 20 Wednesday/Sunday
Article Analysis and Summary 5 25 Saturday

Week 6

Assignment Points Due
Discussion 8 20 Wednesday/Sunday
Article Analysis and Summary 6 25 Saturday

Week 7

Assignment Points Due
Discussion 9 20 Wednesday/Sunday
Article Analysis and Summary 7 25 Saturday
PowerPoint Presentation 100 Sunday

Week 8

Assignment Points Due
Research Paper Final Paper Submission 400 Wednesday
Discussion 10 20 Wednesday/Saturday
Article Analysis and Summary 8 25 Saturday
Total Points: 1000

  Assignment Overview


Each week you will be given a discussion question that relates to the weekly topic. Provide insightful and thorough responses to the questions – they should be multiple paragraphs in length. Please format your posts in the MLA style. Your initial postings should be completed by 11:59 p.m. CT Wednesday of each week– you will not receive credit for late posts. You also need to respond to at least two other students’ postings. These responses should further the discussion of the topic.

Responses such as “I agree” and “Good post” will not receive any credit. Provide thoughtful responses, questions, or supporting material. Responses should be at least 50 words in length. These responses should be completed by 11:59 p.m. CT Sunday of the assigned week except for Week 8 when they are due on Saturday – you will not receive credit for late posts. There are 20 points available for each week’s discussion – 12 points for your initial post, and 4 points for each of your 2 responses.

Article Analysis and Summary

Each week you are required to find an article related to the assigned weekly subject area and provide a summary of the article. The summaries should be no more than one page and cover all the major areas of the article. Please format your summary in the MLA style. Along with the summary, provide a one-paragraph analysis of the article, relating the material to your work or the environment around you. This analysis is in addition to the one-page summary. Please provide the URL for the article. Each week’s article summary is due by 11:59 p.m. CT Saturday. Each article summary is worth 25 points.

Research Paper

Research Paper: Topic Submission

Your topic must be approved by your instructor.  Topic submission due date is Sunday 11:59 PM CT of Week 2. You are encouraged to submit your topic as early as possible, as your initial choice of topic may be unacceptable or may need to be modified.  Submit your topic in the Discussion area of D2L, under the heading “Research Paper: Topic Submission.”

The most common problem is selecting a topic that is too broad. For example, “The Effects of the World Wide Web on Office Productivity” is too broad a topic. There have been books written on this topic and it would be impossible to do it justice in a 15-page paper.  Depth is more important than breadth when considering possible topics, so try to narrow down the topic. A wide variety of topics are appropriate and you are encouraged to pick a topic that is of particular interest to you. The topic you choose and the level of discussion is to be appropriate for a senior-level culminating experience course.  

Example Topics:

  • Outsourcing IT – The internal and external effects
  • Cyber Security – How to protect your company from attacks
  • Strategic IT Planning – How to plan for growth

Research Paper: Draft Submission

First draft submission due date is Saturday 11:59 p.m. of week 4. Submitting the draft will earn you 75 points. This paper must be of original work. You cannot use papers from other classes and you cannot reference work you’ve previously turned in.

Research paper: Bibliography Upload

The bibliography for your research paper must contain at least 15 sources and be compliant with MLA standards.  You must properly cite all source material in the body of the paper using MLA format. You are not expected to give references to articles from popular magazines/books such as Newsweek, Time, Omni,etc.  Also, do not use wiki and other collaborative sources. All your resources should be approved through the instructor prior to using them to ensure proper source. Due 11:59 PM CT Saturday of Week 4, you will need to upload your bibliography in the Dropbox area of D2L.  The instructor will review and provide comments should any of your resources not meet minimum standards. This will be worth 25 points.

Research Paper: Final Submission

Follow the below mentioned formatting rules:

  • You must submit the Final Paper as a Microsoft Word document of at least 15 and no more than 20 pages in length (double-spaced).
  • Pages must be numbered. Use MLA style for your citations.
  • The Final Paper is due Wednesday 11:59 p.m. CT of week 8.

The Final Paper should include:

  1. Title page (which does not count in the 15-page requirement)
  2. Abstract
  3. Introduction
  4. Body
  5. Literature review
  6. Methodology
  7. Analysis
  8. Discussion
  9. Summary/conclusions
  10. Reference page(s) (which do not count in the 15-page requirement)

Research papers must be original work for this course. Do not submit a paper used in another course.  Your paper will be checked for originality through turnitin.com. Ensure you understand plagiarism and MLA standards for citing your sources. Plagiarism will result in receiving zero credit on the assignment and will be reported.

Your final research paper should be submitted no later than Wednesday by11:59 p.m. CT of the 8th week of the term. The paper will be worth 400 points.

PowerPoint Presentation

You are required to create a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation for your research paper.  The PowerPoint should cover all main points of your paper and be easy to follow. Slides should have talking points only. Design should be professional; as if you are presenting to the president of your company. You are required to record your voice-over within PowerPoint, presenting your topic as you would to a classroom of IT professionals.  Use your headset to “Record Slide Show” from within PowerPoint. This will enable me to download, open, and simply watch/listen to your presentation. The presentation will be uploaded to the Dropbox area of D2L Sunday 11:59 PM CT of Week 7.  This is worth 100 points. The presentation should include the following:

  • Title Page
  • No more than 20 supporting slides
  • Professional Template
  • Slide transitions
  • Bibliography
  • All graphs, statistics, and quotes must be cited properly.

  Course Outline

Click on each week to view details about the activities scheduled for that week.

Introduction Discussion

The students will introduce themselves to the instructor and to their classmates.

Discussion 1

This week you researched the Project Management Triangle. A successful project manager needs to strike a balance between the three sides (Time, Cost, and Quality) of the Project Management Triangle. How might a project manager achieve this balance?

Discussion 2

This week you researched scope creep in project management. What tools and techniques can project managers use to prevent scope creep?

Article Analysis & Summary 1

Find a current article that has been published online about issues with Scope Creep in project management.

What steps can project managers take to prevent the problems caused by Scope Creep?
Discussion 3

This week you researched configuration management tools. As a project manager, what configuration management tool would you recommend using, and why?

Article Analysis and Summary 2

Summarize a current article that has been published online about calculating ROI for configuration management. How might we calculate productivity increases for IT staff and users?

Research Paper Topic Submission

Refer to the Assignment Overview above for additional details.

Discussion 4
This week you researched managing risks in project management. What are the steps involved in risk analysis?
Discussion 5

This week you researched SWOT analysis in project management. What are the benefits and risks of SWOT analysis?

Article Analysis and Summary 3

Summarize a current article that has been published online about the risk management process of identifying and categorizing risk.

Discussion 6

This week you researched key performance indicators. What performance metrics are most important for online companies tracking the performance of their website?

Article Analysis and Summary 4

Find a current article that has been published online about key performance indicators (KPIs) and availability management. Define the various KPIs.  Are all KPIs equally important? Why is it important to continually track KPIs?

Research Paper Draft Submission

Submit a draft of your research paper’s abstract, for review, in the Week 4 D2L Dropbox.

Research Paper Bibliography Upload

Upload the initial bibliography of your research paper, in the Week 4 D2L Dropbox.

Discussion 7

This week you researched Work Breakdown Structures. After watching the Work Breakdown Structures video (linked in the course Content area), what yellow post-it notes would you place on the whiteboard if you were tasked with putting together a Work Breakdown Structure for the creation of an animated computer game?

Article Analysis and Summary 5

Summarize a current article that has been published online about the changes Information Technology has brought to human resources management.

Discussion 8

This week you researched information management in the cloud and mobile era of computing. While paper documents haven’t entirely went away, electronic documents have largely replaced them. Considering emails, text messages, and tweets, have the rules of paper-documents been transferred to the electronic medium, or have new rules been developed?

Article Analysis and Summary 6
Summarize a current article that has been published online about challenges with information management in the cloud and mobile era.
Course Evaluation
Please evaluate the course. You will have an opportunity to evaluate the course near the end of the session. A link sent to your CougarMail will allow you to access the evaluation. Please note that these evaluations are provided so that I can improve the course, find out what students perceive to be its strengths and weaknesses, and in general assess the success of the course. Please do take the time to fill this out.
Discussion 9

This week you researched mobile device security. What steps can companies take to secure mobile access to their information systems?

Article Analysis and Summary 7

Summarize a current article that has been published online about an Information Technology security breach. What steps should have been taken to avoid the breach?

PowerPoint Presentation

Upload the PowerPoint presentation for your research paper in the Week 7 D2LDropbox.

Research Paper Final Paper Submission

Submit the Final Research Paper, in the Week 8 D2L Dropbox.

Discussion 10

This week you researched business continuity planning. Imagine you are charged with developing a business continuity plan for an online retailer. Where would you start? What aspects of the business would the plan address?

Article Analysis and Summary 8

Summarize a current article that has been published online about disaster recovery. What steps should be taken in IT disaster recovery planning? Are some steps in the process more important than others – why or why not?

  Course Policies

Student Conduct

All Columbia College students, whether enrolled in a land-based or online course, are responsible for behaving in a manner consistent with Columbia College's Student Conduct Code and Acceptable Use Policy. Students violating these policies will be referred to the office of Student Affairs and/or the office of Academic Affairs for possible disciplinary action. The Student Code of Conduct and the Computer Use Policy for students can be found in the Columbia College Student Handbook. The Handbook is available online; you can also obtain a copy by calling the Student Affairs office (Campus Life) at 573-875-7400. The teacher maintains the right to manage a positive learning environment, and all students must adhere to the conventions of online etiquette.


Your grade will be based in large part on the originality of your ideas and your written presentation of these ideas. Presenting the words, ideas, or expression of another in any form as your own is plagiarism. Students who fail to properly give credit for information contained in their written work (papers, journals, exams, etc.) are violating the intellectual property rights of the original author. For proper citation of the original authors, you should reference the appropriate publication manual for your degree program or course (APA, MLA, etc.). Violations are taken seriously in higher education and may result in a failing grade on the assignment, a grade of "F" for the course, or dismissal from the College.

Collaboration conducted between students without prior permission from the instructor is considered plagiarism and will be treated as such. Spouses and roommates taking the same course should be particularly careful.

All required papers may be submitted for textual similarity review to Turnitin.com for the detection of plagiarism. All submitted papers may be included in the Turnitin.com reference database for the purpose of detecting plagiarism. This service is subject to the Terms and Conditions of Use posted on the Turnitin.com site.


There will be no discrimination on the basis of sex, race, color, national origin, sexual orientation, religion, ideology, political affiliation, veteran status, age, physical handicap, or marital status.

Student Accessibility Resources

Students with documented disabilities who may need academic services for this course are required to register with the office of Student Accessibility Resources. Until the student has been cleared through this office, accommodations do not have to be granted. If you are a student who has a documented disability, it is important for you to read the entire syllabus as soon as possible. The structure or the content of the course may make an accommodation not feasible. Student Accessibility Resources is located in Student Affairs in AHSC 215 and can be reached by phone at (573) 875-7626 or email at sar@ccis.edu.

Online Participation

You are expected to read the assigned texts and participate in the discussions and other course activities each week. Assignments should be posted by the due dates stated on the grading schedule in your syllabus. If an emergency arises that prevents you from participating in class, please let your instructor know as soon as possible.

Attendance Policy

Attendance for a week will be counted as having submitted any assigned activity for which points are earned. Attendance for the week is based upon the date work is submitted. A class week is defined as the period of time between Monday and Sunday (except for week 8, when the work and the course will end on Saturday at midnight.) The course and system deadlines are based on the Central Time Zone.

Cougar Email

All students are provided a CougarMail account when they enroll in classes at Columbia College. You are responsible for monitoring email from that account for important messages from the College and from your instructor. You may forward your Cougar email account to another account; however, the College cannot be held responsible for breaches in security or service interruptions with other email providers.

Students should use email for private messages to the instructor and other students. The class discussions are for public messages so the class members can each see what others have to say about any given topic and respond.

Late Assignment Policy

An online class requires regular participation and a commitment to your instructor and your classmates to regularly engage in the reading, discussion and writing assignments. Although most of the online communication for this course is asynchronous, you must be able to commit to the schedule of work for the class for the next eight weeks. You must keep up with the schedule of reading and writing to successfully complete the class.

No late discussion posts will be accepted.  No late assignments will be accepted without documented extenuating circumstances beyond the control of the student and with instructor notification prior to the due date

Course Evaluation

You will have an opportunity to evaluate the course near the end of the session. A link will be sent to your CougarMail that will allow you to access the evaluation. Be assured that the evaluations are anonymous and that your instructor will not be able to see them until after final grades are submitted.