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Co-Enrollment with Columbia College and Moberly Area Community College

CC MACC logo. Columbia College and Moberly Area Community College.

CC-MACC is a co-enrollment program between Moberly Area Community College (MACC) and Columbia College. CC-MACC students experience the depth and breadth of a four-year university while enjoying the affordability and academic flexibility found at a two-year institution. This collaborative program includes academic advisers, faculty and staff at MACC and Columbia College who work together to help students succeed. The program provides enhanced academic advising to ease the transfer of credits and increases campus involvement to foster student success.

Program benefits

  • Co-enrollment – CC-MACC students enroll in coursework at MACC and Columbia College. CC-MACC students take MACC courses (9 to 12 hours) and Columbia College courses (3 to 6 hours) to ensure efficient use of time and financial resources.
  • A+ Scholarship – Qualifying CC-MACC students may use A+ funds toward MACC’s tuition and fees if enrolled in 12 or more credit hours between MACC and Columbia College
  • Campus resources – CC-MACC students have access to all MACC and Columbia College services, including the library, recreation center, student health services, technology labs, student organizations and athletic events.
  • Enhanced academic preparation through advising on both campuses – Integrating coursework between the two campuses allows a student to establish a CC GPA, which eases the transition into Columbia College degree programs.


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