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Location Transfer Policy


This policy outlines the guidelines surrounding the transfer from one Columbia College location to another location.


This policy applies to all College students seeking to transfer locations within Columbia College.


Students may seek to change their Columbia College location as an applicant or as a current student at any time. Students are encouraged to meet with an advisor at their current location prior to changing locations. By meeting with an advisor, students will be able to make an informed decision prior to changing locations and taking into consideration possible impacts to:

  • Institutional aid
  • Degree program availability
  • Course availability
  • Degree completion


If an applicant has not been admitted, then they should contact the Admissions Office to change location. Note that this process cannot be completed by logging into a previously submitted admissions application.


Current Columbia College students who wish to officially change their location should log into their CougarTrack account; Use the “Students” drop-down menu (on the left) to find and click on “Forms;” Select the “Change of Location” form; and indicate desired location. Before a student is allowed to register for classes at the new location, they may be required to meet with an advisor at the new location.


If additional admission requirements are not met, then the applicant may be denied admission to the requested location. The College reserves the right to deny admission to any applicant and to deny and/or rescind admission to any applicant for any lawfully permitted reason or who provides false or misleading information to the College.

Requesting a transfer of location does not guarantee approval of the request.

*Note that students seeking to change locations to the Main Campus Day Program may have to meet additional admission requirements and must submit a new admission application.



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