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Faculty Handbook

This handbook, developed and continuously updated by the faculty of Columbia College, states polices governing the rights and responsibilities of the members of the faculty of the College and the procedures required to implement them. Policy is understood to include institutional goals and objectives while procedure is defined as the operational processes required to implement institutional policy. Policy typically answers the questions of what and why whereas procedure answers the questions of how, where, and when. Changes of policy require the approval of the Board of Trustees while changes of procedure do not. Rather, they are approved by the Faculty Association in consultation with the Provost and President.


Section I: Faculty Governance

Section II: Faculty Responsibilities and Professional Standards

Section III: Faculty Personnel Policies and Procedures


The following are past faculty handbooks:

Faculty Handbook 2008

Faculty Handbook 2011

Faculty Handbook 2013

Faculty Handbook 2014

Faculty Handbook 2015 




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