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Alumni E-mail Policies

Alumni eligibility
All alumni who have received degrees from the College are eligible to receive a lifetime CougarMail account.

Alumni responsibilities
Official College correspondence may be communicated through the Columbia College email address. Columbia College email addresses may be forwarded to another email account as desired.

Users are expected to have read the Columbia College Computer Use Policy prior to use of the email system. Use of the email system constitues full acceptance of the terms and conditions of the policy and consent to monitoring. The consequences for not complying with the conditions of the policy could result in revocation of system privileges.

Alumni rights
Alumni may use their account for personal email in accordance with the Columbia College Computer Use Policy.

CougarMail provides a secure sign-on and secure transfer of email within the Cougar Mail system. However, alumni should be aware that Columbia College cannot be responsible for the security of information forwarded to other accounts.


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