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Columbia College Acceptable Use Policy

The computing resources at Columbia College support the academic and administrative activities of the College. Use of resources for academic and administrative objectives takes precedence over personal reasons. Use of any Columbia College (CC) computing resource is considered a privilege, and all users are expected to adhere to the following acceptable use policy (AUP). This policy applies to any person or organization utilizing CC computing resources.

All users of College computing resources must adhere to the following:

  • Ensure the security and confidentiality of all College data and information.
  • College technology resources shall not be used for commercial purposes unless authorized by the college.
  • It is prohibited to use college computing system/network resources to store, access or send material that is obscene, illegal, discriminating, or intended to defame or harass others, or to interfere with their work on the computer. "Computing system/network resources" include but are not limited to all computers, networks, voice, video, email, and other applications.
  • It is prohibited to share CC login credentials with others. All users are responsible for activities carried out with the use of these credentials.
  • Comply with all College policies.
  • Comply with all federal, state, and other applicable laws including copyright regulations.
  • Intentional unauthorized use is prohibited, including any modification or disruption to computing resources and systems.

Use of any Columbia College computing resource constitutes full acceptance of the terms and conditions of College policies, including the Investigation and/or Monitoring of Employee Electronic Communications or Files policy. Violations of the terms and conditions of this policy could result in revocation of system privileges and may result in further disciplinary actions up to and including immediate student dismissal and employee termination from the College.

Columbia College reserves the right to change this policy without notice.


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