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Viewing Your Course

The course home page is the first screen you will see in your course. It holds the syllabus, important announcements, and updates.

Below is a list of features that can be accessed from within your course.

Mini Navigation Bar

This is the bar at the top of the screen with a black background and white font.

  • My Home - Returns you to the organizational home page. You find announcements from the Online Campus staff on this page.
  • Course Name - Returns you to the course home page. The course syllabus should be posted in the news area.
  • Message Alerts – Shows your new pager messages.  Click Go to Pager to navigate to the pager.
  • Update Alerts – Shows new and updated news posts, upcoming due dates, and changes to grades.
  • Chatter Alerts – Shows new discussion posts in forums, topics, and specific threads you subscribed to.
  • Personal Menu – Click on your name at the right of the minibar to edit your profile, notification settings, and account settings.
  • Logout – Click on your personal menu and select Logout.

Course Navigation Bar

  • Content - Summary of the weekly activities for the course.
  • Discussions - Here you can read and add to discussions among your fellow users. The discussion area is the primary mode of communication during the class. It is the heartbeat of the course. Through a variety of discussion topics, instructors can create forums for "class discussion" that can cover and review assignments. As a student, you can communicate with other students and with the instructor through this venue.
  • Dropbox - This is a submission box for you to submit your assignments. You can send all of your assignments electronically to be evaluated by placing them in the dropbox.
  • Quizzes - The Quizzing homepage lists the Past, Current, and Future Quizzes. You can quickly see the date and time the quiz starts and the attempts available.
  • Checklist - Your instructor may use this to create a "to do" guide for the course.
  • Grades - You can access grades when you want to check how you are doing academically. Here you will be able to see your marks on the individual assignments that you submit. If your evaluator makes any comments about your assignments, you will be able to view them here as well.
  • More Tools – This is a dropdown menu containing additional tools available in the course.
    • Classlist - Directory of your classmates, including names, emails and any groups. You can email your instructor or fellow class member by clicking on their name.
    • Links - Links is an interactive tool that allows you to browse through available links. Links are sorted by category for your convenience.
    • FAQ - Some instructors put frequently asked questions and answers related to their course in the FAQ section.
    • Chat - This is an online interactive chat area. It is a synchronous area where you can talk to your classmates and participate in online discussions.


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