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Viewing the Classlist

To view the classlist, click on the More Tools menu on the course navigation bar and select Classlist.

The Classlist is a directory for the course which allows you access to a full list of fellow participants. Users logged on to the online course system will have a green dot to the right of their name. You can view user's personal files by clicking on their Profile Picture. Clicking on a student’s name will allow you to send an email to that student. You may use the pager option to contact a student or your instructor.


The pager is a user-friendly tool that allows you to talk to classmates and pose questions on a one-to-one basis. A page works like an instant message. It sends a note to the person, and the person can answer you in real time if they are online. To page your instructor or another student, click the check box next to the student or instructor name. Click on the Page icon at the top or bottom of the list. Note, that if the person in the Classlist doesn't have a green dot next to their name, the person is currently offline.

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