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Registration FAQ

How do I register for classes?

You can register for classes through the Schedule and Register (Self Service Student Planner) link on CougarTrack. Through Student Planner, you will be able to plan your courses for your whole degree, request a review of your plan by your advisor and register for classes. Contact your academic advisor with questions. 

If you do not have full financial aid, please be prepared to make a payment and/or set up a payment plan.

Registration frequently asked questions

My transfer evaluation has not been completed. May I still register for classes?

It is preferable to have an official evaluation before registering for a class, but it is not a requirement for Online program students. You may contact an online advisor for course suggestions, or you may choose a course or two that you know will be needed and will not be met with transfer credit.

How do I know what classes to take?

Once your transcripts have been evaluated, you will receive an evaluation and advising worksheet that lists courses needed to complete your degree. For available courses, view the course schedule. Students who have no previous transfer credit may refer to the degree requirements for selecting courses. Still not sure what to take? An online advisor can help.

How many classes may I take?

Online students may take a maximum of two courses per 8-week session. This is considered full-time status for financial aid purposes. Three classes per session is an overload and is restricted to students with a Columbia College grade point average of at least 3.0 and a compelling need to take additional courses. Permission to add a third class must be requested from the Office Operations Manager of the Online Campus (email requests to

When should I register?

Check the dates listed on the academic calendar to see when registration begins for your academic level. You may register any time after registration has opened for your academic level. The calendar also lists the last day to register for courses. For graduate students, registration ends the Friday prior to the start of the session. For undergraduate students, registration continues through Wednesday of the first week of class as long as there is space available. The sooner you register, the better the selection of available classes.

What about books?

As part of TruitionSM, Columbia College will provide the books required for your courses. Optional and recommended materials are not provided, but are available for purchase. Consult your course syllabus or visit the bookstore for more information.

I need to change my schedule. How do I change classes?

Once enrolled in a class, a student is considered a member of that class until he or she officially drops or withdraws. An Online program student may drop a course for any reason after enrollment through the first business day of the second week of the session (refer to the academic calendar each session for these dates). No punitive grade or financial liability will be issued. Students may drop from a course by logging into CougarTrack and completing the drop process in register and drop sections. A drop confirmation will be sent to your Cougar email within 24 hours of your submission.

A student may withdraw from a course after the add/drop period and prior to the end of the sixth week of a session. A withdrawal from a course does not eliminate academic or financial liability. Your course(s) will be listed on your official transcript with a grade of W and you are responsible for the full cost of the course(s). Students may withdraw from a course by submitting a course withdrawal form in CougarTrack. A withdrawal confirmation will be sent to your Cougarmail once your submission has been processed. You may confirm your drop or withdrawal by checking under class schedule in CougarTrack;the course will no longer be listed. Students who must withdraw due to sudden extreme circumstances, such as medical emergency, military deployment or natural disaster, may apply for a Withdrawal Excused. In this case, all courses must be dropped before the appeal will be considered.


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