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Transfer Evaluation FAQ

How will my credit transfer?

Once all transcripts are received, the Evaluations office will do a complete report to show how all of your previous credit transfers. You will receive a copy of the transfer information, an Academic Evaluation degree audit that is the full degree report, and an advising form that summarizes what courses are still needed to complete your degree. From the time that all transcripts have arrived it can take 3-4 weeks to complete an evaluation.

The Evaluations Department Web site lists transfer equivalencies for some schools.

I don't see any 144 or 444 courses in the catalog. What are these classes on my transfer report?

Transfer courses are given the same number as a catalog course if they are equivalent. But courses that are not equivalent to anything in the Columbia College catalog are coded 144 for lower level elective or 444 for upper level elective. Thus, a course given transfer credit as SOCI 144 is considered a lower level Sociology elective.

How can I change my major?

You just need to submit the Declaration of Major form. A degree audit will be completed for your new degree, and you will receive the updated information to help you choose courses. There is no fee for this.

If I earn an associate's degree, will any of the credit apply towards a bachelor's?

Yes. In fact, if you plan to complete both an associate's degree and a bachelor's degree with Columbia College, your advisor can help you choose courses that will apply to both degrees.

Can I have two majors?

Yes. A double major works better with two related majors, but you may also pursue two unrelated majors at the same time. Completing two majors might take longer than doing either one alone.

What is the difference between a BS and a BA?

The only Bachelor of Science degree available Online is in Business Administration. Both the Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration require a minimum of 120 hours, both require the same General Education credit, and both require the same Major Area Core classes. The BS degree requires an additional 21 hours of business area elective credit; in the BA, these same 21 hours can be in any subject area. The BS degree is generally perceived as having more depth in the major area.

What can I do with this degree?

Students choose a major for many different reasons. For those needing a basic bachelor's degree as soon as possible, the General Studies or Interdisciplinary Studies degree is often sufficient. But those interested in career options might wish to visit the Career Services Center for all kinds of career information.