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International Business Major


Major Requirements

Students who elect to earn a major in International Business must complete twelve hours of required courses and six hours of elective courses drawn from the courses listed below. Courses in the major cannot be taken as Pass/Fail.

Required Courses 12 hrs (All courses must be completed with a grade of C or higher.)

MGMT 338 International Business 3 hrs
MGMT 339 Cross-Cultural Management 3 hrs
MKTG 410 Global Marketing 3 hrs
FINC 495 International Finance 3 hrs

Elective Courses 6 hrs

COMM 303 Intercultural Communication 3 hrs
POSC 292 International Relations 3 hrs
POSC 321 Politics of Developing Nations 3 hrs
POSC 326 International Law and Organization 3 hrs
POSC 360 U.S. Foreign Policy 3 hrs

Highly Recommended: Knowledge of a foreign language or a minor in a foreign language.


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