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Criminal Justice Administration and Human Services Department

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The Criminal Justice Administration Program is designed to permit the pursuit of different professional career goals while integrating the general study of criminal justice and law with other relevant disciplines. A degree in criminal justice administration prepares students for entry-level employment in the field, for promotion and leadership roles and for graduate study.

The program offers career counseling and placement assistance. It provides an excellent academic foundation for students planning to go on to graduate studies or law school.

Two baccalaureate degrees are offered in Criminal Justice Administration, the Bachelor of Arts and the Bachelor of Science.

Students considering either a BS or BA degree should consider their own experience in the criminal justice area. If currently working in the criminal justice field the BA is recommended but for those desiring to enter the field, the BS degree is recommended. This is because the BS degree offers practicum and internship experiences which add to the student's understanding of the criminal justice career area.

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