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Associate in Science in Environmental Studies

The Associate in Science in Environmental Studies focuses on environmental-related issues using a variety of perspectives. Instruction includes basic principles of environmental science and related subjects such as policy, politics, law, social aspects and management.

Disclaimer: Degree requirements and the availability of business majors varies by nationwide campus.


Degree Requirements

A. ENGL 111 English Composition I 3 hrs
B. General Education Requirements 24 sem. hrs
ENGL 112View Syllabus English Composition II 3 hrs
COMM 110View Syllabus Introduction to Speech 3 hrs
CISS 170View Syllabus Introduction to Computer Information Systems or 3 hrs
CISS 176View Syllabus Introduction to Computer Science
MATH 150View Syllabus College Algebra or 3 hrs
MATH 170View Syllabus Finite Mathematics or
MATH 180View Syllabus Precalculus
GEOG 101View Syllabus Introduction to Geography 3 hrs
POSC 111View Syllabus American National Government 3 hrs
6 hrs
C. Major Area Requirements 21 sem. hrs
BIOL 110View Syllabus Principles of Biology I 3 hrs
BIOL 115View Syllabus (ENVS 115) Introduction to Environmental Science 3 hrs
CHEM 108View Syllabus (PHYS 108) Physical Science Survey 3 hrs
MATH 250View Syllabus Statistics I 3 hrs
ENVS 251View Syllabus (GEOG 251) Resource Management 3 hrs
ENVS 272View Syllabus An Introduction to Environmental Literature 3 hrs
ENVS 352View Syllabus (HIST 352) American Environmental History 3 hrs
D. Electives 12 sem. hrs
BIOL 112View Syllabus Principles of Biology II 3 hrs
ENVS 220View Syllabus (GEOG 220) Introduction to Atmospheric Sciences 3 hrs
ENVS 222View Syllabus (BIOL 222) Biodiversity 3 hrs
ENVS 223View Syllabus (GEOG 223) Environmental Disasters 3 hrs
ENVS 300View Syllabus (BIOL 300) Evolution 3 hrs
ENVS 312View Syllabus (POSC 312) Environmental Politics 3 hrs
ENVS 320View Syllabus (BIOL 320) Ecology 3 hrs
ENVS 332View Syllabus (PHIL 332) Environmental Ethics 3 hrs
E. Total 60 sem. hrs


The Associate in Science in Environmental Studies degree is available at the following locations:

Online Campus
Coast Guard Island, CA


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