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Academic Advising for Online Campus students

Online Campus offers academic advisement to degree seeking students who are no longer associated with a campus - such as students who have either moved or chosen to become solely online students.

Nationwide students: If you are taking online courses and are still associated with a physical campus, all services for that student, including advising, are received at that campus location.

All student services, including advising, are available through our on-site advisor in Chico.


Because of Federal privacy laws, all official communication we send to you must go to your college-assigned CougarMail account. It is very important that you check your CougarMail account frequently to avoid missing out on important notices or updates. You can access your CougarMail account through CougarTrack.

The Transfer Credit Evaluation Process

Once we have received all of your transcripts our Office of the Registrar will do a complete report to show how all of your previous credit transfers. You will receive a copy of the transfer information, an Academic Evaluation degree audit that is the full degree report and an advising form that summarizes what courses are still needed to complete your degree. From the time that all transcripts have arrived it can take about a week for an evaluation to be completed.

You may also want to take a look at our Office of the Registrar website. They list transfer equivalencies for some schools, and this may help you get an idea of how your credit may transfer. Though it in no way lists every school, it does include the ones we see most often. Visit the Office of the Registrar site for more information on transfer equivalencies.

Military Students

If you are, or have ever been, in the military, you will also need to send us a transcript from whichever branch you served in. For details on what we will accept, please take some time to look at the Military Credit part of our Office of the Registrar website, located at

Non-degree Students

If you were admitted as non-degree seeking with Columbia College you are not required to submit transcripts unless proof of a prerequisite class is requested. However, if you were admitted as non-degree seeking and you then decide to pursue a degree with us, you will need to submit all transcripts for evaluation.

Closing Comments

You are not required to work with an advisor each session, but we encourage you to contact us when you have any questions. We are here to help you complete your degree and meet your educational goals.


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Online Campus Contact info

Still have questions? Here is contact information for the undergraduate and graduate advisors.

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Online Graduate Advising
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