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How do I log in to CougarMail?

CougarMail can be accessed by logging into CougarTrack and and looking at the CougarMail Web part.  Alternatively, you may access CougarMail using the direct link and log in with your CougarMail email address ( and your Columbia College password.

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What features are available in CougarMail

CougarMail is built on Google technology which offers an infrastructure that is stable, reliable and continually evolving. CougarMail includes seven GB of storage, extensive search tools, chat from within email, and a highly customizable interface. For a full explanation of features, visit Google's support site.

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What do I do if CougarMail will not accept my password or User name

If CougarMail is indicating you have the wrong password or username, you may need to synchronize your mail account with CougarTrack. To do this, try the following:

 1. Navigate to the eservices login page and click Account Synchronization in the left hand column.  
 2. A window will pop up prompting you to enter your eServices User Name and Password. Enter this information and click Log In. (This window may look different depending on your Internet browser)
 3. Enter your Current Password in the field provided and click Submit.
 4. When successful you will see a message "You have successfully synchronized your accounts."
 5. Try logging into CougarMail again with your eservices user name and password.

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How do I forward my CougarMail to another email account?

You may have a lot of email accounts to keep up with. See our instructions for enabling and disabling CougarMail forwarding to an existing account for more information.

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How can I learn more about Cougarmail?

CougarMail is continually growing and new features are added. Watch this interactive tutorial to learn more.

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How do I setup my CougarMail on my Smartphone or Tablet?

CougarMail can be setup on mobile devices such as Smartphones or Tablets through the device's built-in email app. In your device's email app, choose the account type GMail, and be sure to use your entire email address when setting it up ( For assistance with this process, please contact the Technology Solutions Center by phone at 1.800.231.2391 ext. 4357, by email at or by visiting the self-help portal at

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