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Student Computing Lab - BUH 106

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get help with a program or with the hardware?

Absolutely! The Lab Assistants are happy to help with any software or hardware issues. Please note: Lab Assistants are not trained on software that is specific for certain classes (such as Mathematica, Statistica or Visual Studio).

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Does the computer lab have a lost and found?

The computer lab has a lost and found for items of limited value (flash drives, CDs, etc.). All other items are turned over to security. You may contact campus security at ext. 7315.

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What do I do if my floppy disk doesn't work?

Unfortunately, floppy disks are by nature unstable and extremely susceptible to viruses. Before the first use, floppy disks must be formatted (even if the packaging reads preformatted) and before every use, floppies need to be scanned for viruses. Even then, it is very easy to lose information held on a floppy and very difficult to restore that information. Technology Services would recommend using flash drives or network storage to save files.  Home campus students can access their network storage by going to the I: Drive in My Computer.  Flash Drives are available in the Computer Lab for ten dollars, which will be charged to your student account.

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Why can't I bring food/drink into the lab?

Food and drink can be very messy and spills can lead to discomfort for other students or damage to the computers themselves.

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I am very hot/very cold.

If you are uncomfortable in any way, please report your complaint to the Lab Assistant on duty. We welcome input from our students and strive to make the atmosphere a pleasant one.  A suggestion box is also located near the Lab Assistant work station for your convenience.

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I have a study group, can we meet in the lab?

Study groups can reserve time in the group study room. You may speak with a Lab Assistant to reserve time.  Reservations are made on a first come first serve basis. However, groups will take priority over individual users.

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Is there a place for me to plug in my laptop?

At this time there are not available ports for laptops. However, wireless access is available throughout the Columbia College campus

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My job requires I wear a pager, does that mean I can't use the lab?

Pagers and cell phones may be brought into the computer lab but they must be placed on silent mode. All cell phone calls should be taken outside. Most walkie-talkies are equipped with plug-ins for ear buds and those may be used as long as they are not loud enough to distract other students.

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How do I obtain my email address?

Go to Columbia College's eServices web page and click "Activate Your Login".  Follow the instructions on the screen to receive your username and to create your password.

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The software I need is not installed.

If there is an application needed for class and it is not installed on the computers in the lab, the instructor must submit a request to Technology Services.  Technology Services can be contacted by calling extension 4357 or e-mailing  Please allow two weeks for software installations.

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What are the lab hourslocation?

The lab is located in Buchanan 106. Please see the Student Computing Lab home page for lab hours and contact information.

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What software is installed on the lab computers?

Current software installed in the Open Lab includes Windows XP with Microsoft Office 2007, MS Visual Studio 2005, Adobe Acrobat, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Mathematica, and Statistica.

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Why can't I bring my children/guests into the lab?

The Columbia College Student Computing Lab is an area for students to study and complete homework. When guests are brought into the lab, they may prohibit a student from achieving their goals.

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Why can't we open the blinds?

Open blinds can create a glare on monitors. While some users will remain unaffected, others may find it difficult to work.

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Why should I scan for viruses?

Though the software on the lab computers is refreshed every time the machine is rebooted, floppy and zip disks can contract viruses and become completely unusable. It is in your best interest to scan the disks for viruses before each and every use.

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