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Staff responsibilities

Academic calendar: Jennifer T.

Academic dismissal/probation/suspension: Jennifer T.

Academic program activating & end-dating: Jennifer T., Stephanie D.

Admissions Department Liaison: Stephanie D.

Advising week: Jennifer T.

Attendance & grade tracking: Bailey C., Megan G., Paige R.

Catalogs: Jennifer T.

Catalog year changes: Melanie T.

Certificates: Seth W., Stacy F.

Clearinghouse reporting: Joshua R.

Commencement: Diane H., Tiffany H.

Course appeals (substitution/waiver forms): Stacy F.

Course creation: Jennifer T.

Course offerings/catalog database: Jennifer T., Raea M., Tristan A.

Curriculum Committee Secretary: Raea M.

Dean's list: Stephanie D.

Declaration of candidacy for degree:  Melanie T., Raea M., Tristan A.

Declaration of major (change of degree program): Melanie T., Raea M., Tristan A.

Degree posting & graduation audits: Angie S., Beth H., Diane H., Stacy F.,

Diplomas: Bailey C., Selena B.

Duplicate (Dupid) IDs:  Paige R.

Enrollment verification/deferments: Bailey C., Megan G., Paige R.

FERPA: Jennifer T., Stephanie D.

Financial Aid Liaison: Beth H.

Foreign language credit: Angie S.

Grade changes: Bailey C., Megan G., Paige R.

Graduate ranking: Diane H.

International evaluations: Diane H.

Institutions added to Colleague: Andy A., James A., Josh R.

Military degree maps: Diane H., Tiffany H.

Military evaluations & transfer equivalences: Diane H., Tiffany H.

Military grade reporting: Jared C., Tiffany H.

Name & address changes: Bailey C., Megan G., Paige R.

Office of the Registrar SharePoint site: Blaine B.

Office of the Registrar website: Selena B.

Policies & procedure development: Jennifer T.

Precursory reviews: Jared C., Scott Z.

Registration Events: Jennifer T., Stephanie D.

Registration rules: Blaine B.

Registration troubleshooting: Bailey C., Megan G., Paige R., Stephanie D.

Section creation & maintenance: Bailey C., Megan G., Paige R., Stephanie D.

Subpoenas & information requests: Jennifer T., Selena B.

TCE (Transfer Course Evaluation) process: Blaine B.

Technology Services Liaison: Blaine B.

TES equivalency building: Scott Z.

Third party release & request for non-disclosure: Bailey C., Megan G., Paige R.

Transcript evaluations: Alyssa Y., Angie S., Beth H., Janet T., Scott Z., Seth W.

Transcripts (incoming electronic): Melanie T., Raea M.

Transcripts (outgoing): Raea M., Tristan A.


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