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Completed PDF forms can be returned to the specific office indicated on the instructions (in-person, or via e-mail/fax where available; signature may be required).

Online students and students at our locations nationwide also can submit completed forms to their local venue.

Web-only forms

These forms are available only on CougarTrack, and must be completed and submitted fully online. Each link will redirect you to the CougarTrack login page (unless you are already logged in on this browser).

These forms are located under the "Students" heading in the "Forms" area on the left menu.

Declaration of Candidacy for Degree — Submission of this form initiates your formal request to graduate with your completed degree.

Change of Degree Program— Request to change, add or drop majors/minors/additional degrees.

Application for Commencement Ceremony — Apply to participate in a commencement ceremony after you submit a Declaration of Candidacy for Degree.


Certificate forms

PDF documents require Adobe Acrobat Reader® available free of charge from Adobe Systems Incorporated.

Application for Awarding of Certificate

Intent to Pursue Certificate — Declare your intent to pursue one of Columbia College's four Business Certificates.

Course substitutions & waiver request forms


Graduate Course Substitution/Waiver Appeal — Request to substitute a course for a specific degree requirement, waive the 7-year rule for degree program/course completion or to request permission to allow consideration of transfer credit after you have completed 12 hours of graduate coursework with Columbia College.

MBA Accounting Emphasis (MBA.ACCT) Undergraduate Course Substitution Form — Request to substitute undergraduate coursework in place of MBA.ACCT course requirements.

Graduate Transfer Credit Request Form — Request transfer equivalency for graduate-level coursework.


Undergraduate Course Equivalency/Substitution/Waiver Appeal Form — Request a specific transfer course equivalency (after initial evaluation), request course substitution or request a degree/course requirement waiver.

Diploma/transcript forms

Diploma forms

Diploma Reorder Form — Graduating students are not required to submit this form. The diploma reorder form is used to request additional/updated copies of your diploma. There is a $10 fee associated with this request.

Transcript forms

Request For Classical General Education Notation — Students who complete Columbia College bachelor's degrees on the Classical General Education Track may request notation of this accomplishment on their official Columbia College transcript.

Directory information forms

Change of Address Form — Update your local and/or permanent address. NOTE: Students who have recently applied for graduation must contact the Office of the Registrar in addition to submitting this form in order to update the address on their Declaration of Candidacy for Degree Form. This step is required to ensure accurate and timely delivery of your diploma and final transcripts.

Name Change Request Form — Update your student record with changes to your legal name. Your Cougartrack username will change as a result of this request. Please read all instructions carefully.

Student privacy forms

Third Party Release Form — Authorize access to your protected education information to named individual(s).

Request to Prevent Disclosure of Directory Information — Initiate an official request to withhold disclosure of directory information. Once this request has been processed, Columbia College will respond to all inquiries regarding the student with the statement, "I have no information on that individual." Please review all information on the form very carefully prior to submission.

Remove Request to Prevent Disclosure of Directory Information — Removal of a request to prevent disclosure of directory information does not in any way inhibit the protection of your rights with regard to the privacy of your educational records. Please review the form very carefully for a full description of 'Directory Information' and Columbia College's policy on its release to interested parties.

Miscellaneous forms

Letter of Recommendation Authorization

Request for Letter of Graduate Rank — Columbia College graduates may request delivery of a formal letter indicating class rank (mail or fax).

Cross-listed Classes Change of Department Request Form — Submit this form to request that a completed cross-listed course apply to its alternate department requirements on your degree audit.


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